Does ANYONE here use the Crowdplay feature?

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I'm not hating on it if it's not that popular, it's just a thing I'd like to know. Sure, it's useful for streams, but do others use it for friendly/family purposes? Do YOU use it for practical purposes?

I've tried it on Guardians to see if it works, but it never lasts past 5 minutes. Always crashes saying "lost connection to the Crowdplay servers." and the game continues without it.
There's just so much good stuff from TTG to show people, and this eases the whole decision process! Maybe it works better on some games than others...



  • No. Pretty sure almost no one uses it except Telltale themselves. I'd rather have the rewind function back than this.

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    No. That feature is pointless as shit. I will never understand why they replaced Rewind option with that stupid feature. Not every single player game deserves a multiplayer mode.

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    I once used it with mixer to play with some friends and it kinda worked (some people with slower connections couldn't read the choices in time, but most were able to). I streamed and crowdplayed the first two episodes of ANF and it all ran rather smoothly.

    I doubt it's used by a lot of people though and it is still extremely impractical for the average player and it apparently doesn't run that well on weaker machines, plus, you need a good internet connection if you want to stream it.

    I'd still take the rewind button over this feature anytime.

  • They should ditch it and bring back rewind

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