Your Favourite Actors/Voice Actors of the Joker

Since his birth, the Joker has been portrayed countless times not only in Comics, but also in Movies, Videogames, TV series and so on. There's been several people who performed as the Clown Prince of Crime, but which ones are your favourite portrayals? In this discussion you can share your opinions and top 5 lists. Mine is the following:
5) Anthony Ingruber in "Batman: The Telltale Series" and "Batman: The Enemy Within"
4) Jack Nicholson in "Batman" (1989)
3) John DiMaggio in "Batman: Under the Red Hood"
2) Heath Ledger in "The Dark Knight"
1) Mark Hamill in DC Animated Universe and the Arkham series


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    Troy Baker! He did Joker's voice in Batman Arkham Origins, the game, and it was absolutely amazing.

    I know many people love Hamill, because you know, the nostalgia and stuff. But Troy Baker's voice on Batman Arkham Origins had that unique sprinkle of flavor that made it music to my ears, such an amazing performance.

    [Update] had to add Anthony Ingruber too, because the guy really took my by surprise. And his speech at the end of episode 4, when he begs us to be honest with him? every time I play that scene he still gets under my skin. His hoarse tone of voice is classic of Joker, and he still manages to add his personal touch.

  • Actually, I think Ingruber is my favorite now, lol? I would never believe I would say it, when I first started to play TT Batman, because Hamill was always the best Joker in my opinion.
    Still, it's hard to compare, because John Doe's character is more complex - a lot more opportunities for a voice actor.
    Anyway, Hamill is awesome.

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    1) Mark Hamill - My first introduction to the Joker as a kid so there's some nostalgia there as well. I don't think anything more needs to be said other than it's fantastic :P

    2) Anthony Ingruber - His voicework in Enemy Within has been absolutely astonishing thus far and Episode 4 really showed the emotional range he has with the character. I really hope he gets more work as the character in future seasons of Batman (if there are any). I'd also love it if he got to do the voice in an animated movie/tv series as well.

    3) Troy Baker - It's pretty much just Mark Hamill's voice but just enough of a difference (even if just slightly) to set itself apart the original. Plus that laugh is fantastic! The fact that he was able to replicate Marks voice so damn near perfectly is a testament to his talent.

    4) John DiMaggio - It's very different take on the Joker. He doesn't sound insane (well maybe a little bit), he just sounds like a huge asshole to me and I love it. I really enjoyed his voicework in Under the Red Hood, so I think it's a shame he hasn't done the character in another animated movie.

    5) Heath Ledger - He sounds like a legitimate crazy person and not like a cartoon character (but in certain parts of his laughing scenes you can hear a bit of Mark Hamill. Be it intentional or not). His laugh isn't super over the top like most others and it fits in with the grounded feel the Dark Knight was going for.

    Honorable Mention:

    Kevin Michael Richardson - It's one of the more different takes on the character. His voice is just so deep and unique, I really enjoyed his take of the Joker on The Batman.

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    In the video games for me:
    1) Mark Hamill
    2)Troy Baker
    3) Anthony Ingruber
    in the movies and tv shows live action:
    1)Heath Ledger
    2) Cameron Monaghan: This guy was amazing in Shameless and I love his verison of the Joker.

  • Heath Ledger All The Way, And Tbh I Wish That Telltale Made The Joker (Jon Doe) Look Like The Joker From Batman The Dark Night

    1. Anthony Ingruber
    2. Mark Hamill
    3. Heath Ledger
    4. Michael Emerson

    1. Mark Hamill (From the Animated Series and the Arkham games)
    2. Troy Baker (From Arkham Origins)
    3. Richard Epcar (from Injustice)
    4. Anthony Ingruber (From The Telltale Series)
    5. John DiMaggio (From Under The Red Hood)
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    1.Heath Ledger (From The Dark Knight) he's my number one because that guy was amazing and didn't deserve to die like that.

    2.Anthony Ingruber (From The Telltale Series) i'm just in love with his voice

    3.Mark Hamill

    And the last one i love :

    Stéphane Ronchewski : He's the french "Heath Ledger" he also voiced the Joker in Batman Arkham Origins,Injustice 1 and 2.I don't usually play a lot of games in French but it was really cool for me to hear him in Origins,made me love the game even more.
    But Troy Baker did a really good job too.

    1. Heath Ledger
    2. Anthony Ingruber
    3. Troy Baker
    4. John DiMaggio
    5. Jack Nicholson

    Where’s Mark Hamill? Well I just assumed he was the default Number 1.

    1. Heath Ledger
    2. Mark Hamill
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