over 4 years and still no bug fix...

edited February 2018 in The Wolf Among Us

This game ending bug posted here https://telltale.com/community/discussion/86554/suddenly-spanish
Where the game magically turns to Spanish was reported quite a long time ago and they refuse to fix it, I tried the suggestion in the thread and it works, till you get back to that part of the game again and then Spanish again....
Is it ever going to get addressed or should I stop holding my breath?
I know one thing for sure, if they ever come out with a second part I will NOT buy it if this is the kind of customer support we can expect.


  • So it's official, we'll never see a fix for this game breaking bug, congrats Telltale, you fail.

  • That also happened to me when I was playing The Walking Dead a couple years ago. I managed to get it on film (letsplay series) but I lost the video almost immediately due to storage space. :/

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