The Wolf Among us Deeper meanings to Fewer words

At a certain point i believe at about episode 2 after they discover Snow isn't dead,
If you look at the book of fable on Snow's Desk you can Hear Bigby say these words:
"I meant what i said, snow."
In a seemingly declining tone as tho it would hold a dark secret behind,
Wich at first i shrugged off because he had just told her he was happy that she was still alive,
Wich makes perfect sense, However his declining tone?
That's... what tipped me off...
You see in the first episode when you look under Snow in the book Bigby will say
"Dwarves.(slight Pause) Less said about them, the better."
now tho these too things may not be connected, the declining tone on bigby's voice? in both of these sentences?
leads me to believe they are,
See, if you look at Snow White's Fables Fandom Wiki at a certain point in her story it says "As it turned out, it was the home of seven dwarves who proceeded to abuse her in various ways, from manual labor to rape"
you see the way Bigby used the same tones makes me wonder did Bigby really mean _that he meant what he said about the dwarves or simply that she's still alive.
i May be going too far with this and probably am Nonetheless it would still be interesting
tell me what you think :)


  • Bigby was referring to him being happy she is alive and ok. The Dwarves raped Snow White back in the Homelands (mentioned in the comics) which is why Beauty tells Bigby to not show her the picture of Lilly disguised as Snow and Crane because it might remind her of the dwarves. Hence the line "there are things she doesn't talk about". Bigby does not know everything that Snow had been through. He had a sadded tone not declining tone and he is sad because he failed to protect her from Georgie who killed Lilly glamoured as Snow White and worried that they may try again. Which is why before that he says sooner or later the killer might realize that he missed his target. Remember that Bigby still does not know the motive of the killer or why he is killing prostitutes during that episode.

  • I agree, i guess i was kinda overshooting with my idea.

  • No it's cool man sometimes games do have that kind of mystery layer that players have to uncover certain plot elements that might lead to sequel.

    WolffAU posted: »

    I agree, i guess i was kinda overshooting with my idea.

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