What did you think of the film Justice League?

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After watching it a few days ago I have to say that I enjoyed it, thought it was an awesome movie. Would have liked more explanation about the boxes and steppenwolf. It was great seeing these DC characters all together.



  • It wasn't amazing, but I did enjoy it for what it was.

  • It was nothing more but a bland TV dinner as opposed to the last three DCEU films in which two of them were shit sandwiches.

  • I enjoyed the movie it was not better than Wonder Woman or Batman vs. Superman.

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    I liked it more than batman superman, wonder woman was better with justice league coming in second place.

  • Great movie! I (unlike a majority of people) enjoyed the movie and I didn't really compare it to The Avengers at all because of how unique it was. :)

  • i thought it sucked and relied too heavily on menial unoriginal things to make itself not suck, but i enjoyed watching it and kinda liked it a bit, so now that my expectations are at the lowest possible point i am once again interested in seeing the direction the DCEU goes in and what they're gonna do next.

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