A small Season 3 theory.

Guys, I'm here shorter in my head all 2 season MCSM and noticed
one very acidic moment. You see, when we take away Romeo's admin powers he says the next phrase (See picture 1) And this place really started to collapse, later when we leave there, the PORTAL IN THIS PLACE DISAPPEARS, and then the BEDROCK ALSO BEGINS TO DISCUSS (See picture 2), which gives us a completely reasonable result. The world on which the MCSM operates is also beginning to collapse, was built by the admin, it just happens as slowly as with this airy bedrock, and perhaps the epicenter is somewhere far from the main characters, which gives us a ramification:
1. If 3 season and will be, then most likely it will be about this, because the server must have an admin, otherwise it will fly ?
2. It will not necessarily be about the characters we already know, The Telltails can change the main characters (Like in The Walking Dead)
If everything I wrote does not indicate the 3rd season, then this is VERY LARGE LYAP.

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