What do you think was the main selling point/best feature of TWAU?

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As in the title, what has got you to play TWAU, or what do you think it was that has made it one of the best selling Telltale's games?


  • Bigby's badassery B)
    Seriously though, what drawn me into playing was the tone of the game. The color schemes and the setting mostly. Then like all gameplayers, I got attached to some characters and backstories that are actually intriguing. And dying to see the end game for everything. A little bit of that and the cliffhanger at the end kept me invested :D. Now I await for season 2.

  • The noir detective style combined with the gritty modern fairytales was really unique and definitely piqued the attention of gamers. And once you actually got into the game, there were lots of determinant scenes and lines you could get which made you actually feel like you had control over the investigation.

  • The themes, art style, and atmosphere. This game the moment you start to play draws you in, it really establishes a tone right away. Also just how original it is with the dark Fairy tale grit mixed with the modern world, there really isnt anything like it.

    Also a quick side note, I still think this is Telltale's best looking game. It has actually aged really well in terms of its art style. Really hoping S2 doesnt try to do anything "new" like ANF did and keep the amazing style that worked so well in season 1.

  • The atmosphere and the noir plot and the fact that they are fables living in the real world. I also enjoyed the voice acting it was amazing. Adam Harrington does an excellent job at voicing Bigby that I can hear his voice whenever Bigby speaks in the comics!! :blush: :wink:

  • Literally everything, but probably mostly the faith I had in Telltale for Wolf and Walking Dead Season 2 after being introduced to them through Walking Dead 1.

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    As Poogers and White Wolf said, I think it was largely the atmosphere that did it for me. I also liked the new angle of choice making that it introduced compared to Walking Dead - not so much in the context of "feeling powerful as Bigby", but rather in the complexities of making ambiguous choices to see how you could try to manage a community and work towards its betterment.

    I do kinda wish that they offered some more "detective" kinds of choices that altered the story, like the Dee/Woodsman choice at the end of Episode 1, but I found the emotional choices you had to make in trying to improve your standing with the Fabletown citizens to be really compelling - especially in the climax of the Crooked Man's trial in Episode 5.

  • What drew me in was the atmosphere and the setting. It is quite a compelling and intriguing universe. It was also my first true introduction into Fables. To have Fairy Tale character operates in close proximity to humans, it was something that was new to me.

    I am definitely looking forward to revisit the setting again.

  • I agree with you Blind Sniper I wished that there were more detective choices because it would've been cool if like you can arrest innocent fables and then Crane or Snow White would tell you that you caught the wrong Fable or something like that.

    As Poogers and White Wolf said, I think it was largely the atmosphere that did it for me. I also liked the new angle of choice making that i

  • Bigby of course. True badass. Kept pig at his apartment, burned a tree, wrecked strip club and did a pole dance. Well, it was a glitch or something but still a cool thing.

  • I like how it took a lot of real life aspects and jazzed it up with the fairytales and magic. I also really liked the detective atmosphere where you are unsure who is tellilng the truth and who is bluffing.

  • The detective, problem solving angle. I also like the graphics.

  • You could literally punch everyone xD

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