Villain Joker Path Thread (Spoilers)

I've created this for anyone like me who happens to be sane and consider Joker a villain instead of a ally... or in other words, picked the Villain path first and want to avoid spoilers for the other side so I can talk about it!

...still here? Good.

Anyway... damn, that went south majorly. I feel I really should have seen the Tiffany thing coming a mile off, but I was totally shocked by that twist, damn. And it made the choice over what to do with her and BY HECK THAT FINAL CHOICE LORD ALMIGHTY GAME WHAT ARE YOU MAKING ME DO so much harder...

...yes, I gave it up. Gotham is screwed, but I can't lose the old man.

But yes, totally loved the outcome for this final episode with the villain path, especially the material with John and Bruce together. Nice array of situations it seems like the supporting cast can head up in, but I wish we could have actually seen that conference Gordon is supposed to have turned down rather than just telling us. And no Freeze makes me sad face but I figured it would happen. :(

Definitely cautiously optimistic for a future season (don't New Frontier me, Telltale) and playing the other side, even if I'm pretty certain Joker's path is doomed.

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