SPOILERS I just did a vigilante playthrough. Would you recommend I do a villain playthrough as well?

Okay, I know I’m not alone on this — but I was disappointed with the vigilante route. What happened to Selina, Avesta and Gordon? Did Gordon get his job back? What’s Selina up to now? What about Avesta? Does she now work at Wayne Enterprises? There is simply not enough closure, especially for a finale.

I’m not even sure why, but John doesn’t seem as interesting as the previous episodes. He keeps mentioning he and Bruce being ‘two threads in the same stitch’, but it was never really elaborated on. I feel like the way he turned into the typical Joker was just abrupt and unreasonable. Sure, if you sold him out to Waller. If you stayed loyal to him, I’m not even sure why he suddenly turns on you. Like why? He lost himself while trying to be like Batman? That one line explanation just doesn’t cut it for me.

Also, something bugs me. In the choices screen, it mentions You can 51.6% of the players took down Vigilante Joker.

I’m honestly not sure what I am supposed to interpret from this line. Was that even a choice?

Lastly, inconsistency. John’s personality through the episode is way too inconsistent. Also, he keeps saying I use violence to solve problems and that he was learning from MY ACTIONS, when I have never used violence unless I’m not given the choice.

So, do you think a villain playthrough is worth it for me? I have been told it is better overall. Hey, maybe the previous episodes set the bar too high. Or was it The Council?
I’d rather have a great story (season 1) than different scenarios that are shabbily done.


  • I personally found more enjoyment for me in the villain playthrough then I did in the Vigilante route. So yeah, I would say go for it!

    I also share some of your issues that you listed in the Vigilante playthrough and some of it is better solved in the Villain path IMO.

  • I enjoyed the vigilante path.
    If Joker turns on you even if you don't betray him, that's normal: you made a pact with Waller. He doesn't agree to that.
    See Joker's conception of Justice as pure and absolute. I think his moral compass is kinda like the Punisher's. You don't let criminals escape. You kill them.
    Hence why he's called Vigilante Joker.

    You can more or less know what happen to them if you watch the stats about which characters liked/hated you. The choice of taking down Joker means you didn't took down villain Joker.

    I'd recommend the villain's path aswell, seeing how both are different they are all enjoyable.

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