What Choices in Seasons 1 and 2 need to carry over to Season 3?

Let's assume that you're making a story creator for Season 3 in the same vein as Season 2's, so what elements would you expect from both seasons to carry over, assuming that Season 3 may or may not see the return of characters from both seasons?


  • Just as a heads up first, this is what they had carry over from Season 1 in the story creator for Season 2...

    • Whether you saved Selina or Harvey in Episode 2.
    • Whether you slept with Selina or not in Episode 3.
    • Whether you went after Penguin and sacrificed your manor or Two Face and sacrificed your tech in Episode 4.
    • Whether you ran for the phone or stopped Zsasz from hurting anyone in Episode 4.
    • Whether you agreed to you owning John Doe a favor for helping you escape Arkham in Episode 4.
    • Whether you and Selina parted as friends or as enemies in Episode 5.
    • Whether you revealed your identity to Lady Arkham or attacked her in Episode 5.
    • Whether you attended Gordon's Press Conference as Bruce or Batman in Episode 5.
    • (If you attended as Bruce) Whether you agreed to use Wayne Funds to improve Arkham or the GCPD in Episode 5.
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