Only 3%?! Where's the love? *Enemy Within, Episode 5 Vigilante Spoilers*



  • I've never been a fan of that thieving feline, although if the choice was more obvious I might have done it. I saw it as a temporary dialogue thing that I could have got back to. Guess not.

  • My entire playthrough was anti-Selina and I don't regret it. She's nothing but a backstabbing thief. Seeing as Avesta left the Agency to come work for me, I chose to have Waller lock up Bane and Harley.

  • I like Selina, but her morals and actions are questionable and she's been too unreliable in the past. I want Bruce with someone who isn't an anti-hero. I don't want Bruce in a romantic relationship with her. Plus, she should have to pay for her involvement in some of the shit she's done.

  • Selina is one of the best characters in this story in my opinion with one of the best possibilities for a great redemption... and the chemistry between her and Bruce is just spot on. Can't figure out any other fictional couple that I ship more than Bruce and Selina.

    I agree with @ShampaFK that there should always be some kind of consequence for the wrong things you have done, but at least in my story, Selina has atoned for most of her crimes. Just like Bruce will help Tiffany atone for her sin for what she has done.

    And to be fair, Bruce can really do some really shady stuff as well depending on your choices... it is almost like they all have an "enemy within" themselves that they all struggle with... one way or another. ;)

  • I don’t like Selina and neither does my Bruce I just left her as an asset.

  • Same, I wish there was a way to have her arrested along with Bane and Harley.

    xxplvb posted: »

    I don’t like Selina and neither does my Bruce I just left her as an asset.

  • I just missed out on it because I didn't realize you'd need to keep pressuring Waller in the ambulance. Went ahead and made sure to get that for my canon ending. In the end I was fine with supporting the continued development with Catwoman and Batman. So at the very least I didn't want her involved with that Suicide Squad. Her morals can be mixed and things can get difficult between her and Batman, but she doesn't deserve to be with that crazy group.

    Still kind of pushing as well for her to turn more to the heroic side of things. There is some potential there for her. Just needs to be supported.

  • She's still in Waller's custody. Don't care. You ruin Harvey I ruin your lyfe

  • I am so furious about it. You have to say "Now you owe me" to Waller but how could i know that this sentence was gonna lead to Catwoman? I did everything for her except i didn't sell Joker because I thought this is so low. I don't think this is gamers' fault really, developers should have thought a sentence more obvious to lead the gamers there.

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