How did you end things with Waller?

I'm curious to find out how most people ended things with Waller in Episode 5. I didn't trust Waller from the start, and during the ambulance scene in my vigilante playthrough I told her that it was her that escalated things on the bridge, and that she is the one to blame. However, I like that even in the vigilante path she can leave Gotham as more or less an ally, if you tell her that you won't judge her for her actions.

What is your opinion on Waller and how did you end things with her in the finale?


  • Got vigilante Joker, so we ended the season yelling at the each other and then I admitted I was a crazy person. Feels good man.

  • Waller, fantastic character and well written, always thought it was interesting when she showed up, she is shady as hell so I was always a bit on edge around her.

    In my vigilante playthrough, I pretty much did the opposite to what Waller wanted and... well we did not end on the best terms, she was not pleased at all.

    In my villain playthrough, Bruce and Waller had some mutual respect for each other and actually ended as allies.

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    Vigilante ending.
    The moment Gordon said dont trust her, this is our city i started to go againt her and she proved to be bad person so i teamed up with Joker.
    At the end i made a deal to let Catwoman go, i said you owe me and i screamed at her to get out of my city, felt good.

  • I grappled away and just left her hanging. Felt great.

  • In my first playthrough i ended up as an enemy and told her to get out of my city. Felt pretty bad when Catwoman popped up on the decision screen saying i told her "I love you" but didnt make any deals with Waller to release her :/

  • Vigilante route. I blame her for a lot for what happened to John. That was my boy. I understood his pain... some of it at least, since Waller did try to shoot him, and then pinned Riddler's murder on him. John wanted to be good, I knew that, but Batman has a code. But I did understand how John wanted to rid the world of bad people like Bane and Waller. Waller thinks she's doing good, but she sends her own Agents on suicide missions, and uses bad guys to work for her, which is dangerous, and wrong when it comes to people like Catwoman, and I while I do hold some despise for Catwoman, she isn't to be compared with the likes of Bane and Harley, and putting a collar on her was just wrong. I told Waller she went too far, that she shouldn't have come after me, and told her to leave Gotham. I tried with John, I really did, but Waller did push him ever since the incident on the bridge.

  • My thoughts exactly.

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    Vigilante route. I blame her for a lot for what happened to John. That was my boy. I understood his pain... some of it at least, since Walle

  • Same, felt great when she jumped out of fear of the Batman.

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    Vigilante ending. The moment Gordon said dont trust her, this is our city i started to go againt her and she proved to be bad person so i t

  • As enemies. Told her to get the hell out of Gotham.

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    Playing through with Vigilante John and valuing our friendship, sharing a peaceful au revoir with Waller may seem a bit out of place. Truthfully, I felt very resigned after everything that had occurred. Though a light was shone upon her more """questionable""" pragmatic decisions and I was entirely at odds with her actions and the chaos and loss they brought, in the moment I felt just as responsible for how the mission had unravelled, along with the wellbeing of close ones and allies. I just wanted this war to come to a close and for her to leave without further conflict. And so our stalemate continues, perhaps with a twisted, mutual understanding and a clear resentment - I do regret not calling her out, but something in our exchange felt natural to my Bruce. It shouldn't be justified, but we both have our own regrets and have made our own mistakes.

  • I went vigilante john. I never trusted Waller because every time I see her whether it is games or TV, nothing good ever happens. Even though I hated her for her role in creating Joker, I didn't want to end things on a bad note. I decided not to judge her because even though I don't agree with her methods, it is better to have her as an ally.
    So we'll have to see how things go from there

  • I really love waller as a character and I think telltale has made the best interoperation of her and in my vigilante brought I got Catwoman free and made peace with her because it felt like the right thing to do

  • More or less on a good note. I stood up for her when she got captured in the Vigilante ending and was just overall trying to be nice to her.

  • She went too far,i told her to get out of gotham,my Batman was so pissed lmao
    Best option of the game.

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    It ended Badly. She did a lot of bad things and I never trusted her. It was clear that she was doing things to benefit herself, nobody else. She always wants to win.

    Her statement about whenever she loses, good people die is rubbish. I laughed when joker stuck out his tongue and made that "Phbhbhbh" sound to call her out on her bullshit lol

  • I ended it with Waller as my enemy. She's the one that started the whole thing with the Pact, SANCTUS, and with Joker when she put a gun on him. And because of that a number of people are killed. Waller is the real villain in this

  • Played the Vigilante route, more or less made peace with her simply because I try to be on good terms with everyone. Fucked up my chance to get Catwoman free. Will probably replay the episode to lash out on her. Fuck Waller.

  • In the yelling contest. Told her all I thought about her.
    200% enemies.
    I bet Gordon enjoyed the show.

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    Got the Vigilante Joker ending, got Catwoman’s freedom, and more or less made peace with her, though I did tell her, “ I’m not in the mood”, but she still wasn’t pissed. I don’t like her, but it’s better to be on “ok” terms instead of being enemies.

  • Vigilante Joker ending. I was actually pro-Waller for most of the game, except when the whole thing with John happened. While I really didn't agree with some of her actions, I acknowledged that they were at least for the best, and we more or less made peace with one another. I did, however, just grapple gun away once we did that, blowing her off.

  • I absolutely made peace with Waller. I love her character, she's absolutely one of my favorites in Telltale's Batman. Great dialogue and an amazing voice actress! I really hope she'll return at some point.

  • Got Villain Joker because that’s how things should be as far as I’m concerned. Ended things rather amicably with Waller.

  • I used all four of the save files you get with each telltale game and I re-name them as follows.

    Save File 1 - Good (in this case) Batman
    Save File 2 - Bad (in this case) Batman
    Save File 3 - Good And Bad (in this case) Batman
    Save File 4 - 50/50 (in this case) Batman#

    Good Batman - He didn't trust Waller and sided with Gordon as much as he could up until she revealed she knew his secret and when she told him she wasn't the enemy he told her to prove it by reinstating Gordon as Commissioner she said how if he 'played nice' with her she would do it once the mission was over.

    From that point on Good Batman worked with Waller only to keep his identity secret and in order to get Gordon reinstated.

    At the end after having taken down villain Joker.

    I made it clear I didn't trust Waller not to reveal my secret in the future and then had her r use her influence to do the following.

    Clear Catwomans's (my friend not love interest) criminal record

    Honour Gordon (my friend) for putting his job before our friendship

    Tell vesta (my friend and potential future love interest) she can come work for me at Wayne Enterprises if she wants

    Let me handle Tiffany (who I had revealed my secret to and tried and failed to take into custody)

    Bad Batman - If he could he would take care of the criminals all on his own he considers Batman to be who he really is and Bruce Wayne is just the mask he wears when he has to.

    Having said that however his way of doing things is a lot more like Waller's as he proved in season 1 when he brutalised Falcone and brke the sniper's arm.

    He also went behind Gordon's back and got the location of Riddler by brutalising Eli and when Gordon confronted him on it and told him how their partnership was over he told him that that was fine and when Waller had a go at Gordon Batman sided with her and continued to do so the rest of the game.

    After having taken down villain Joker.

    I thanked Waller for agreeing to keep my identity safe and then had her use her influence to do the following

    Keep Catwoman as one of her 'assets'

    Make sure Gordon never wears a badge again (even though he backed out of giving me up to Joker)

    Do whatever she wanted with Avesta

    Arrest Tiffany for me (who I hadn't revealed my secret to)

    Good And Bad Batman - Didn't trust Waller and sided with Gordon all the way through the game even after Waller revealed she knew his secret and when she told him she wasn't the enemy he told her he didn't trust her and when he had to choose who to call after Bane beat him up he chose Gordon and told him that they would take Gotham back together.

    An then on the rooftop he told Waller that it was still Gordon's turf and were as (Good Batman asked Jim not to get involved in why he was working with Waller) this Batman revealed to Gordon how the reason he was working with her was because she knew his identity.

    An after vigilante Joker was captured he used the favour Waller owed him to have Catwoman's collar removed (because he is in love with her)

    An then when Waller tried to justify her actions he told her she was full of it and in the end told her to get out of Gotham while she still could.

    Once Waller is gone he tells Gordon he wants their partnership back even though he ends up giving up Batman for Alfred.

    So needless to say this Batman/Bruce Wayne and Waller won't be sending one and other christmas cards any time soon.

    50/50 Batman - This Bruce Wayne is a thrill seeker and uses Batman as a means of getting those 'thrills' he doesn't mind doing things like brutalising Falcone or breaking a sniper's arm. Although part of the reason he broke the sniper's arm is because he hates guns and people who use them. While he is a bit of a law breaker himself at the same time there is a part of him that respects the law and believes that if you break it you should pay for it. Which is why he tells Gordon to put Harvey in prison when he is captured and he funds a stronger GCPD police force. Although when Avesta asks him why in season 2 he claims it is because he likes the attention.

    When Waller comes to town he is split down the middle due to the fact he kind of likes her methods to a certain extent and yet at the same time he has come to enjoy working with Gordon even though his methods of doing things his way has not changed.

    For example despite knowing Gordon won't like it he finds out the location of Riddler by psychologically making Eli tell him and when Gordon confronts him on it he tells him not to take it so personally and that he is making a mistake in ending their partnership.

    An although he does call Gordon after getting beaten by Bane he doesn't apologise for getting to Riddler via Eli in fact he defends his actions telling Gordon to do his job which is to defend the people of Gotham and that he get's the job done.

    An he continues to play both sides and do his best to try and please both Gordon and Waller and tries to get them to work together.

    He still breaks the law himself by warning Catwoman Gordon is coming for her but only for his own ends. Those being he can get the laptop after which he refuses to work with her and allows her to take the fall so that he can try and stop the pack once inside Sanctus.

    All the while he is trying to infiltrate and stop the pact he uses John not trusting nor considering him a friend. He see's him as simply a means to an end an unpredictable means to an end as he tells Alfred when they're talking about using John to infiltrate the pack but still a means to an end. An it is for this reason he tells John he believes him it is simply so that he can get John's help to stop Harley after which he does his best to try and get rid of John going so far as to make a deal with Waller that deal being she won't go after Avesta professionally or personally in exchange he will give her Doe.

    An at the end after having battled vigilante Joker he tells him how they were never friends and that he was/is a criminal and was a means to an end.

    An after having called in the favour Waller owes him which is to leave Avesta (who Bruce/Batman likes in a romantic kind of way)

    When Waller is trying to explain herself he tells her that he doesn't judge her and when she suggest that they could work together again in the future he tells her how he is open to the idea saying that they both know how to get the job done.

    He then tells Gordon to get back his old job as Commissioner.

    So in the end this Batman keeps both sides sweet.

    Even though he ends up giving up Batman for Alfred.

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    Waller turned out to be the biggest villain in the Vigilante Joker path. Still, best to end things diplomatically by saying, "I won't judge you" because Bruce/Batman also had to make tough morally grey choices in this Season. But refuse her offer to work together again by saying "I'm not in the mood".

    She's not to be trusted anyway. She might be back with an expanded Suicide Squad. Best to make peace and build up the Bat-Family as a contingency.

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