Will we be able to import our choices?

I got on my XBox One copy of TWAU last night to see if I could upload my save in preparation for season 2 later this year, but it didn't look like the option was available. Will we be able to carry over our save from season 1?


  • Im assuming we will be able, most likely once S2 is ready for release they will release an update for Wolf S1 adding a cloud save like they did for TWD S2.

  • Dude it's not like this is going to matter anyway. It's TT games. Like pretty much every choise you make ends up with the very same effect so we probably are going to be able to import the save, but there are going to be probably minor changes in dialogues as for example there will be something about Crooked Man and stuff like that.

  • It may be like batman season 2. where is asked what choices you made.

  • I don't know, but I would like to see how the community's perception of Bigby at the end changes how they behave around him in the sequel.

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