In my opinion, it's Telltale's best.

Hi. You guys probably know me around here, It's been two weeks since this ended, but yet I cannot get over how utterly amazing this entire season was. First off, I'd like to say that Batman Season 1 was a good game. Not amazing, but good. Batman: The Enemy Within, however, is in my opinion, a far superior example of Telltale's writing skills. This even beats The Walking Dead Season 1, yes, I went there. For the first time since the finale of Game of Thrones, I felt connected to the characters in the game. I immediately took a liking to Waller's efficient methods, and was quick to sign on with her. John, immediately earned my friendship, and mind you, was in my opinion a MUCH better character in this season than last. The end of episode 4 tore me in two different directions, to side with one of the two characters I'd been with the entire game: John or Waller. After literally 10 minutes of contemplating in my mind, (I even checked Steam to see if Fallout 4 was done downloading, because I truly couldn't cope with betraying one of my two favorites." In the end, I chose to side with John due to us having been looked up to by him, while deep down, as much as I hated to admit it, Waller blackmailed and used us. Now, with all this in mind, I'd like to talk about my favorite thing about this season. The Finale. Now, it's hard for me to get hyped for Telltale finales because in my opinion, they all felt rushed and lacked enough closure, not to mention them usually being extremely short. Telltale already piqued my interest at the prospect of this episode due to the fact that it had two entirely different stories so I knew that I'd still be playing more afterwards. Now, in my opinion, Vigilante Joker was a MUCH more interesting story than Villain. (Although Villain was amazing, I just prefer Vigilante is all) I loved the interactions with John, the Pact being brought back, and the conflict with Waller. My only disappointment was the fact that John had to fight Batman regardless of if you agreed with him. Although, I was able to live with it after the scene with Bruce visiting Arkham at the end. Both episodes, Villain and Vigilante, were the most compelling finale's telltale has made in my opinion. For the very first time, I didn't end a Telltale game with the words "that's it?" in my head. (I felt this way after playing the first season) Back to the original point, I felt that apart from a few nitpicks, Batman: The Enemy Within was executed flawlessly. I think Telltale was right to not label this "Season 2" as it brings a lot more to the table than just a sequel. So what was your guy's opinion on the final episode? Do you agree that it's Telltale's best?


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    It’s definitely up there with season 1 of the Walking Dead and Wolf for me. Hard for me to choose what order I’d put them in though.

  • Gotta agree with you, for me its the best game Telltale ever made followed by Tales from the Borderlands and The Wolf Among Us.

  • Well, no other Telltale game has got me this invested in it so... I guess that talks for itself.
    It is definitely one of the best, if not the best.

  • I still think TWAU is a cut above the rest imo, but Walking Dead and TEW aren't far behind. TEW is quite a huge improvement on the first season and it's the best game they've done in a while. Hopefully that's a sign for the final seasons of Walking Dead and TWAU season 2.

  • I think this game screams "Telltale's back, bitches" all over again. I finally felt that my choices actually mattered, a feeling that I missed a lot in new TTG games (RIGHT, TWD A NEW FRONTIER AND GUARDIANS??).

  • I wouldn't go that far as to put it in the first place but definitely in the top 5 of best Telltale games.
    My personal top 5 list:
    TFTB: 9,5
    WD s1: 9
    Wolf: 8,5
    Batman TEW: 8
    WD S2 : 7,5

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    Yeah, it's up there.
    I'm not so fond of the ending of Episode 5, as I felt that was a bit rushed, but apart from that the Season was pretty phenomenal.

    (The ending just came out of nowhere. Alfred suddenly leaving after he said he'd make a commitment to understand and "have better bedside manners" after all the long and hard nights they had, and then the sudden cut to black after you'd made your decision. What makes it worse for me is I abandoned Batman. I didn't get to see the repercussions of that, and when the decision came on screen I was left with a feeling of finality, but with strings still left open. What happens after Batman's gone? His relationships, Tiffany being a new protégé? How is Bruce going to help Gotham without getting his hands dirty?)

  • I probably wouldn't say it was my best game! But episode 5 was certainly amazing and its certainly one of my favourite games!!! Nothing has beaten TWAU for me yet :)

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    It's definitely my favorite so far! I haven't been this into a Telltale game since GOT (Though the fans were a lot more divided on GOT) Telltale's Batman is so good and I really hope we get to see them do more unique takes on characters.

  • I think I might agree. Not just because of the choices and the different plotlines, but also because of the story,the characters, the way it all seems to go astray.

  • The entire team behind The Enemy Within ( voice cast, writers, musicians, and art/animators ) are a dream team worthy to stand among what put TellTale on the map ( TWAU, and WD S1 ). Regardless of what criticisms I might have, or rather wish list of things I would've liked to see expanded on / consequences I wish that they would've made to go along with their lore - I loved this entry. Those aren't statements that can often be made alongside one another.

    For it to be the second season, and improve on the original game is an accomplishment rarely achieved in any medium from movies, books, to games. I sincerely hope that all involved are very proud of what they've created, and take the fan-feedback ( both the good and the bad ) as it's intended. The team crafted a passionate fan base hungry for more.

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    Pretty damn on point. I still find Tales to be telltale's magnum opus but every episode of Enemy Within left me feeling so satisfied with how horrible my choices were. I never felt so shitty but satisfied at the same time with my choices causing consequences in a telltale game.

  • Agreed. It's probably at the top of my list of TellTale games.

  • I agree with you 100%. For the first time since TWD Season 2 I actually deeply cared for the characters and their fate. I cared about the plot and the endings, I actually felt like my choices mattered. While not being perfect, Telltale's Batman leaves a proper bittersweet taste after playing it and makes you rethink all your decisions and motivations. I certaunly put this game in my Top 3 now.

  • I could definitely see an argument for it being the best, but I still think TWD S1 takes the crown. It's definitely a top tier Telltale game though

  • I think Batman S2 is one of telltale greatest games in a while since Tales from the borderlands, but that is just my opinion.

  • Still prefer TWD S1 and TWAU but its definitely their best game since Borderlands

  • It's definitely on the top. I liked S1 (specially the first three episodes), but Season 2 is simply so much better than the first one in almost every aspect. I just wish Selina got a bit more of screen time (aside from episode 3, and the villain route of episode 5, she didn't appear very much).

    I hope they make a third season. It'd definitely be a day one buy for me.

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