What a bait and switch. Jerome Valeska was the Proto-Joker for 4 Seasons Running. Now his twin brother Jeremiah Valeska has become the REAL Joker. #BAITANDSWITCH



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    From Jerome

    To Jeremiah

  • What happened to Jerome Is he ded?

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    Yes he's dead. Fell off a roof and onto a car. His brother got infected with Jerome's insanity gas and would seem to have become the official Joker.

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    What happened to Jerome Is he ded?

  • The episode was absolutely crazy. The show is getting better with each passing minute. Especially Cameron Monaghan's acting is top notch. Every single line he says is delivered greatly. The guy is made to play The Joker.

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    Dunno. I think the Telltale version of pre-Joker is better. Way better. :expressionless:

  • I hated Jerome, but really admired his fashion sense. He was quite dapper. I also agree that Cameron Monaghan kills it on Gotham - possibly the best actor on the show of a show with a great cast. Hate the writers, love the actors.

    And what the heck with Lee hooking up with Riddler? Is this residual after effect from her infection from the Tetch virus? Did she see/embrace a darker loonier version of herself that she liked last season? So many on this show do such crazy 180s it can be hard to keep track.

  • Looks cheap af.

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