Have you ever introduced friends or family to Telltale games?

And if yes do you remember their choices and playstyles? What were their impressions on some of the characters and story events in the games?


  • Yes, I got my mom and dad into The Walking Dead Telltale games around the time season 2 started, because they were big fans of the TV show. They've been playing the game with me ever since.

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    I endlessly nagged two of my friends to play the first two seasons of TWD (S3 wasn't out at the time).

    I didn't get to talk to them too in depth about what they thought about the characters and stuff and all that (or maybe I did, and just can't remember it at the moment), but I do know that both of them thoroughly enjoyed it; in fact, one of them even liked S2 more than S1. But the two major takeaways are that both of them were sad at the end of S1, and in S2 they both shot Kenny... but quickly regretted it and later watched all the endings (also thanks to me nagging them endlessly to do so)

    Wasn't able to really get them to play any of the other Telltale games, though. They just aren't that interested in those types of games usually, and I've grown to accept that. It does make discussing Telltale games a bit more difficult, since this forum is the only real place where I can discuss stuff.

    All that being said though, one of my aforementioned friends is a pretty big Batman fan in general, so I managed to convince him to grab S1 while it was on sale. Now it's just a matter of getting his lazy ass to finally play it. And then getting him to buy and play S2.

  • Most of my friends think Telltale is overrated.

  • Ohh I did...especially with s1 I was I think 13 and all my friends were asking me about what cool games to play so I introduced twd s1 and almost half my class started borrowing my cd and play it...they loved the shit out of it and waited for s2 but some of my friends started to abandon it because it wasn't as good as the first.And by the time anf came almost everybody from my group didn't even care to know what happens because they believed that "tt lost their touch" and sadly I agreed :/

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    Of all those people I asked in college, the games they had played included the first two seasons of TWD, Wolf Among Us and someone who has bought The Enemy Within but hasn't touched it. Hearing the stories from their experiences were awesome; One of my mates mentioned how they watched someone do a full playthrough of TWD S1 and how she cried at the end, someone else in the conversation said that they cried too (If anything almost everyone I asked about S1 said that they balled at the end). I tried getting their opinions on the more current games and their news, one said that they're excited for Wolf S2 but another had made it clear of his opinion of ANF's writing for Kenny, I asked if he knew what I was talking about and he simply replied 'I know what happens' (I'm pretty sure he was implying that he didn't buy the episode). I'm dissapointed that my family doesn't think much of the games, watching me play the games around them to just get reactions like 'Is this a game or a movie?'. I think its more down to how they're put off because its a game and in their minds a game cannot possibly have good enough writing to provoke geniune emotion, its a shame because its the same for a lot of people where they don't give these platforms a chance and they miss out. I've always had a open mind with family suggestions but no one really listens to mine, I just stick to these forums for my TT discussions.

  • I introduced s1 to my offline friend, my bro's ex, and I think one or two of my sis's friends? someone else is interested as well. we all miss lee at least

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    I've gotten a few friends involved in Telltale games, to the best of my ability.

    I played through Seasons 1 and 2 of The Walking Dead with one friend, and we had a blast. The tension, theorising and choice-making was really fun to do together. (Lucky for her) we did not play through Season 3 together. We tried to keep everyone alive at all costs.

    I managed to get 3 friends (one is the aforementioned friend of TWD) and even my dad to play through TFTB.
    2 of the friends did not know of Borderlands beforehand, they had fun in their playthroughs. The third friend did know of it, but apparently I accidentally spoiled the ending of Borderlands 2 by introducing him to this game. He was (at the time) currently playing BL2 with some other friends, and was about 2 missions shy of the ending.
    He had fun, but he really won't let go of my betrayal. (It's kind of become an inside joke between us. "oh by the way-- JACK IS DEAD") Unfortunately for this one friend, I got him to play through it later than the others. Last year, he finished Episode 4 but then took too long starting Episode 5, and since then we've finished school and he's moved away to his respective university, leaving me stuck at home with an incomplete save file. Awww.
    My Dad... yeah he had fun. He was probably confused 70% of the time as to what to do and how the hubs control, but yeah he liked it. He mostly played as a huge ass, just because he could. Jack was probably his favourite character.

    I've tried to get my stubborn sister into TFTB, and I nearly did once, but alas no. She's adamant about not liking games (though she has enjoyed some from the Nintendo catalog, and we both went through the original Life is Strange together), and I keep trying to push her into other, more accessible games that fits her interests (because there's no way in a million years she'd do it herself), but it just doesn't work. She's like a brick wall. I once sat her down to get into TFTB -- of her own accord -- but then she just wouldn't pay attention. She got to the deal on Fiona's side in EP1 before saying she didn't like it and was bored (but that's the part where the plot really gets good!). Fine. Whatever.
    Guess she's missing out.

    On a more optimistic note, I introduced my Mom to the Batman series a few weeks ago, and over the course of 3 weekly sessions, we finished episode one just last week. [I was in control of Batman the whole time, and she just watched the action unfold, occasionally telling me what to do.] I can safely say she enjoyed it, and would like to stick it out for more episodes. (She thought the first episode was good, but not amazing. I reassured her that it gets better the further in you get, where there's less exposition to characters and more focus on the main plot.)

    Apart from that, the only people I can have [informed] Telltale interactions with is you guys. Not many of my friends play games -- least of all the Telltale variety -- and I find that the internet has shifted from disappointment to apathy for Telltale.

  • Nope. My family doesn't like to play video games. And my friend is more interested in other games.

  • I'd gotten a friend a copy of The Wolf Among Us and a few issues of Fables for his birthday when it first released. He went with a fairly brutal Bigby at first, then fell pretty heavy into it's film noire narrative. I remember him saying that he'd been determined when he first got it just to see how much of a jerk he could be, then ended up being a more balanced version - in essence creating 'his' Bigby. That was his first TellTale game.

    He picked up S1 of Walking Dead shortly after, and most recently finished Batman Season 2.

  • I tried to get my Mom to play the first Walking Dead but every time there was an action sequence or she anticipated one she'd hand the controller back to me lol.

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    My family thinks all video games are a mindless medium of entertainment. My friends think Telltale games are boring even though they’ve never played them. That’s y I go on the forums, to exchange thoughts and opinions with people that actually care about these games.

  • I feel you man

    My family thinks all video games are a mindless medium of entertainment. My friends think Telltale games are boring even though they’ve neve

  • I'd want to, but in my family I'm the only one speaking english, and TTG doesn't translate/subtitle games in ITalian. :-(-

  • My mom enjoys watching me play The Walking Dead as if it were a TV show. It was refreshing having someone else in my family love this game as much as I do.

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    I had a friend who knew about TT Games but didn't know The Wolf Among Us. I recommended it. He liked what he saw. He got into it. He found it hilarious how Bigby Wolf was an ASSHOLE to Toad.

  • Yep, my fiancé loves TTG Game Of Thrones since I introduced it to him. He waits for season 2, too.

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    I've tried on multiple times to get my parents, who are both fans of the TWD show, into the Telltale games. But despite that, and how much I often talk about them, they have never tried. I keep telling them it will be great, it's better than the show, it's more like a playable movie, etc. but they just won't buy into it. Granted how much I shit on ANF doesn't help all that much, but still, I give almost unending praise to the first two seasons.

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    Yes, to one of my best friends. I showed him the style of those games and he instantly loved it. When he visits me, he always plays an episode.


    He started with Minecraft Story Mode in February 2016. At the start, he was a little bit confused with the timer during the dialog options :D , but it didn't take long for him to love it, because it provides a more fluid dialog. He quite grew onto Reuben and Ivor (makes sense <3) But he liked the Portal-Hallway-Episodes (Episode 5, 6, 7, 8) more, than the first half.

    He continued with The Wolf Among Us in September 2016. He liked the dark mysterious style of the game and loved the character Bigby, but he held back when it came to punching people in the game. He tries to avoid violence. o:) . He also spared Tweedledum in Episode 3. I remember when he thought that Snow died at the end of Episode 1 and his jaw dropped. Loved it! >:) I think that was the moment, when he realized what Telltale can do to his emotions :D .He actually liked Snow, while I didn't. He also kind of agreed with the Crooked Man in the finale at the trial. BUT he dindn't like Episode 4 that much. For him, it was too much build-up. At the end he (of course) still left with pure satisfaction.

    Then he went to Tales From The Borderlands in January 2017. What can I say? He absolutely loved it! We always laughed during so many scenes, although I already played it. He loved every damn character, exept Athena (she was too cold for him) but he screwed it up with the relationship to Loader Bot. He chose "self-destruction" in episode 1 :o The death of Scooter really got to him, but the game dindn't gave him a chance to mourn.
    This one is in his top 3 for sure!

    AND THEN...it happened! He started with the Walking Dead in April 2017! Hell yes! <3
    Unfortunately we had some trouble with the his save file at the beginning (not a good first impression ^^), but once we fixed that, he could enjoy his his journey with Lee and Clementine. He had to get used to the more slow-paced style of this universe, but it didn't bother except one time in Episode 4 at the school. He wasn't familiar with The Walking Dead at all, and when he was listening to the message from Clementine's mother, he quickly realized that this game will be nothing like the humerous atmosphere in Tales From The Borderlands. He always put Clementine first. When Lee had to ration the food in Episode 2, his first reaction was: "Clementine? Where are you? :D . But even in The Walking Dead, he stuck to his non-violent way of doing stuff and thaaangs and was always sure that there will be a happy ending for Lee and Clementine. Well... :'( . He was caught pretty off guard, when he was witnessing all the deaths and the violence. He wasn't expecting it to be this cruel and sad, but he actually really liked it, even when he was grossed out sometimes (especially in Episode 2 with the cannibals) XD. For some reason he didn't trust Christa and Omid at first. When Lee got bit, and he had no idea what to say. It was a first time experience for him, that the main character dies in a game. To his shame, he fought that Lee has to be shot now, so that he doesn't turn. He didn't realize that the fever has to kill him first ^^. But then something happened. We all know this awesome scene in Episode 5, where Lee fights though all the walkers and the epic "Armed With Death" music plays. He thought, that it dind't fit the situation :o :disappointed: . At the end he couldn't let Lee turn and made Clementine shoot him. I was expecting him to cry (hell, I did...AGAIN), but even though he was really sad about Lee's death, THIS guy just doesn't cry! But he was into it. He wanted to continue with Season 2 right away. At the same day: so we did (he did ^^)

    He started with Season 2 in August 2017 and he got punched in the face right away, when Omid died. He got even sadder, when Clementine lost her backpack with the photo of Lee and was completley torn apart, when hte dog suffered. That really touched a weak spot of him and he was so pissed. :D Unless some other people, he grew onto the new group very quickly. He even liked Sarah at first...AT FIRST ^^
    His reaction to Kenny's return was amazing. He was so damn happy!
    But I noticed something. He got more violent in his style. He couldn't wait to kill Carver, and I was digging it XD. He was also pretty conflicted about the whole Jane/Kenny thing, which lead to him ALMOST shooting Kenny in the finale. I may have manipulated him a little bit, by saying what a bitch Jane is (without spoilers of course), but still...shame on me XD. His final choice was easy: Leave Wellington with Kenny, no hesitation. Even if he thought that Kenny can be too violent and uncontrolled. But at the end, he still liked Kenny, especially because for him (and for me) he had the right reasons to do what he did.

    Then he of course continued with A New Frontier in October 2017 and I told him to lower his expectations. There is not much to say about this season. He liked Javier, didn't connect to other new characters as much as in Season 1 and 2. BUT once again, he got more cruel. He bashed Badger's head in and shot Max, even though he was begging to let him live in Episode 3. And shot Joan with the words: "Ah, screw it...". This series did seem to have an impact on him >:) XD. At the end of the day he enjoyed the season, but not as much as the previous one's.

    Then I had to do some convincing. He wasn't sure, if he should play Batman, because he isn't a Batman fan. I sincerely told him, that he will not regret it. So he started Batman at the end of December 2017. He expected it to be nothing for him, and he was hella wrong. When he finished Episode 5, he was quite thankful that I convinced him to play it. He loved the characters in this game. The realationship between Bruce and Selina, the faster Quicktime-Events, the crime scenes, the pacing, everything! So he of course immediately anted to continue with Season 2.

    So he started The Enemy Within in January 2018. Yes, he finished Season 1 very quickly. He visited me many times, during the end of the year ^^. So far, he extremely loves the realtionship between Bruce and John Doe. But he dindn't finish the season yet. He has to study for his exams, but so far so very good. Could be antother top 3 game for him. <3

    So he still has to play:

    • Minecraft Story Mode: Season 2
    • Game Of Thrones
    • The Walking Dead: Michonne
    • Guardians Of The Galaxy
    • And then of course The Wolf Among Us Season 2 and The Walking Dead: Final Season

    Hope I didn't wrote too much. ^^

  • Very descriptive! Cool story.

    Yes, to one of my best friends. I showed him the style of those games and he instantly loved it. When he visits me, he always plays an episo

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