Your favorite/least fav storyline

What is your favorite/least favorite storyline and why?

My fav: Mira, because I love how it's capturing the atmosphere of Kings Landing and how dangerous it is. You can either be good friends with Sera/Margaery or use them. Besides you can decide whether Mira lives or dies (though she won't play a big role in the second season, I guess).

My least fav: Asher (yep, my fav character), because I was not interested in helping Daenerys 'cause she didn't care about Asher's request, plus the scenes with the pit fighters didn't interest me. But after those events, I liked his story (I prefer Asher alive).


  • That's hard as I loved all of them so much. If I have to choose... I'll say Gared's. To clarify, I really loved his story , it's just a "If I had to choose"

  • All the storylines were good but some parts of Mira's were a bit slow for me like Tommen's party that part was a bit slow but it went well with the storyline for Mira.

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    Fave: Mira/Asher. I really enjoyed Miras story, just a humble handmaiden getting caught up in things she shouldn't. I tried to please everyone (Magerey/Cersei/Sera/Tom/Tyrion) but it was impossible. It really felt every choice had a consequence with her so I never really quite knew if I was making the right decision. With Asher, I wasn't expecting to like his story as much as I did (rebellious brute that just wants to fight) but I found myself liking him straight away and loving his friendship with Beshka and their adventures. I think this is the main reason I chose Asher over Roderik. Asher was more likeable and it felt his story wasn't over. He'd travel all this way to help his family (who exiled him in the first place!) just to die? No. Also it made more sense for Roderik to sacrifice himself to save his brother.

    Least Fave: Gared. I don't watch the show and when I first played the demo, I wasn't very intrested in the game. I only later downloaded episode 1 because it was free and only gained intrest when we moved away from Gareds story. His story did get better once we got to Castle Black though but it did take a while to get going and gain my intrest.

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