Avengers Infinity War poster but it's GoT

Please forgive me for the fact that windows paint is as good as my photoshop skills get right now. I saw a poster like this on a popular GoT meme page on fb (for the show) and was inspired to dedicate one to Telltale's awesome game adaptation.

If you can get past the awkward paint skills, I'm keen for your thoughts :smile:



  • Mira, Croft, Gared, Ethan and Duncan's faces have been put pretty strangely, but overall I think this is a fun little picture. The Beast really fits on Drax, the pic is put in perfectly on Drax, good job there. Ludd is also put in very well. So I can say that Drax/Beast is my favourite if these, with Ludd/Thanos as a close second.

    I really liked it though, nice job!

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