Am I the only one who finds S2 Petra relatable?

Considering what’s been going on with some of my online friends recently, I can’t help but relate to what Petra says in the cabin scene from “Below the Bedrock”.

As much like how Petra missed adventuring with her friends like she used to, I personally miss how much some of my online friends used to be into MC:SM as much as I did.

And while change IS inevitable, I can’t help but feel like the odd one out whenever these friends say that they no longer like MC:SM. Normally, I wouldn’t mind this so much if they just worded it like “I don’t really like MC:SM as much as I used to these days”, but they’re pretty much starting to come off as if they straight up dislike it now.

In a way, these recent events were enough to make me feel like I’m going through some of the exact same worries that Petra expressed during THAT SCENE. Even if things are changing with my friends, I don’t want to lose them just because they’re starting to dislike the one thing that brought us together. It doesn’t help either that I’m very easy to upset whenever stuff like this happens to me.

I don’t know, maybe all this stuff I’m saying about Petra being relatable is nonsense, but still... I can’t help but feel like her after what’s happening with my online friends right now...


  • That moment was a very relatable moment and I can't help but admit the whole story arc with Petra (while also being the best part about the season) was incredibly relatable too.
    The cabin scene was a moment that took MCSM to it's core roots and traits Season 1 exhibited; Family. This made me and a lot of my own friends tear up and even cry. Petra was given a ton of justice this season and became my Jesse - the person I could relate to the season - and I honestly believe the whole season should have been focused around her.

  • yes, it was relatable for me too

  • Petra's arc and development throughout S1 and S2 was surprisingly realistic and relatable. She began opening up and making friends, only to be at a loss when these friends started drifting apart.

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