M:SM Thoughts and More

What do you think of these two series, M:SM Season one and two? Do they have good plots? Do you see any failures in this? Not just your opinion, but what you think about both seasons entirely.


  • Eh, the reason I prefer Season 1 is because the plot was more developing in episodes 1-4 and episodes 5-8 had good story plots that made me want to play them over and over again. However, Season 2's plot had a lot of things that made no sense or had no effect to the plot like The Heckmouth, or the terminal being in The Sea Temple only to be destroyed right after seeing it.

  • Season 2 had better gameplay, but i wish it was shorter (4 eps) so that the story could use a bit more polish.

    The Wither Storm arc was shorter but it had better pacing and build-up as a consequence. I just didn't feel excited and worried as much in Season 2. Like, every time you beat a episode in the Adventure Pass (+S1E5) or Season 2, it just feels like "oh okay, here's the main characters progressing through the story to defeat the main threat, everything is fine for now", but in the Wither Storm arc it felt exciting and worrying like "oh look! Ivor locked you up, oh no! the Wither Storm is not dead?!?!"

    That being said, Season 2 is better than the Adventure Pass, but i still think S1E5 and S1E6 are pretty good.

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