Does anyone like Tiffany Fox?



  • Why not Black Bat instead?

    Bruce has a duty to look after Tiffany. "Tell Tiffany I love her" are Lucius Fox's last words. I'd like to see her becoming Batgirl.

  • My Bruce is very happy to put her away in jail. I'm not swayed by the brat's talk about my "duty" towards her dad, who's a completely different person from her.

    Who caused the most trouble in the story? Tiffany! Killing Riddler led to a whole lot of trouble in forcing Bruce to infiltrate the Pact, toy with their feelings, betray and lie to them, leading to even more and more messes.

    Even though Riddler is an enemy and a villain, she murdered him when he was ON HIS KNEES! Ultimate act of cowardice.

    Bruce has the capabilities and intelligence to make his own tech. No need Tiffany. She's not Batgirl - that's Barbara Gordon, who will help him eventually.

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