I have an idea for a villain if they make mc story mode season 3

I think the villain should be a drowned ( a underwater zombie from update aquatic bedrock edition ) king. I would LOVE a drowned king! Ya know? Just some new stuff for Minecraft story mode season 3? Anybody like this?


  • I also think there should be some monsters and other villains too. Here they are:

    1. Drowned queen
    2. Drowned Nurm
    3. Drowned Radar ( i’m Just gonna explain this part. This should be like the drowned king and queen take over beacon town and turns jesse’s friends into drowneds. The drowned king and queen turn beacontown into a ocean town. )
    4. Drowned villager
    5. Drowned Axel
    6. Baby drowned
    7. Drowned miner
    8. Guardian
    9. Elder guardian
    10. Drowned jack
    11. Drowned miniboss
    12. Drowned
    13. Titan drowneds
    14. Drowned creeper
      how about this. Jesse has to save his friends and has to defeat the drowned king.
      How does he cure and save his friends from their drowned form? You can think of ideas
  • No matter what the villain has to fight Jesse and friends with, be it powers like the Admin or an axe like Cassie Rose, the villain should be left-handed. A right-handed character like Petra, Jack, Olivia, etc., or an ambidextrous character like Jesse, would have an epic challenge fighting a lefty.

  • Drown a baby. Wait, I mean...

  • I mean like a baby zombie but underwater

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