The first Game of Thrones Spin-off revealed

Just quickly wanted to share the news with you all. The first of the game of thrones spin-offs has been revealed to take place during the Age of Heroes, which is long before Game of Thrones.

Here's one of the articles about it:


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    I'm quite surprised by the setting/time period. It's so long before GoT that it'll have to have a pretty different vibe, which I hope they'll execute well. Tbh I'm not thrilled about another series focusing on the White Walkers, but I'm still curious to see what kind of story they'll come up with.

  • I have to say, not my ideal time period/zone/whatever, I'd prefer a bunch other areas, but it could be done well. Sort of interested in White Walker stuff, but not nearly enough to warrant a series. I'll still watch it like a sucker though, hopefully Martin finally finishes the books first...

  • The Age of Heroes. Might be interesting to see the actual founding of the Great Houses and the Long Night.

  • I'm hoping that this paves the way to more GOT games, especially s2 from Telltale.

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