Season 3: My suggestions & other stuff which nobody seems to care about [Spoiler Alert]

Hello, it's me. I'm back, after a long time of losing my interest in this game, until one night I started thinking about the 'deeper' story of MC:SM. This are my suggestions for what could be a Season 3. In my opinion, MC:SM Season 2 ended in a very good way, when Jesse can go with Petra and live together or Jesse continue being the admin of his city. It was kind of sad to see that 2 year game come to an end but, TellTale could potentially make a 3rd season, not in the future, but rather a prequel. As much as I hate to say it, I have to admit that this game has plot holes, plot holes everywhere. For example, it is never explained why Ellie and Magnus hate each other, or what happened to Soren when he ran away in the 4th episode, when Ivor and Soren and the gang arrive at Soren's destroyed, endermen-infused base. Or, why did the Order of the Stone split up, or what is the backstory of how Axel, Olivia and Jesse met, or what is the backstory for the Old Builders, what happened to the Old World from second season and how would it have been if the admins were alive in the time and many other things I am lazy to mention here. Again, TellTale could potentially release a season 3 Prequel that explains everything, it would also be really nice if they have more MC:SM history, not necessarily about Jesse and the friends, in the hypothetical season 3. I would love it if this actually happened and I hope there is no crazy stuff like fan fiction stories and other weird things. So, what do you (if anyone is actually reading this) think about this?


  • That actually sounds like a good idea. Another thing that I want to know about is What it was like Before Jesse and the others met each other. But still, a lot of those are unexplained.

  • When you said "Plot holes, plot holes everywhere." I thought: "MCSM = slice of swiss cheese" XD

  • xD!

    When you said "Plot holes, plot holes everywhere." I thought: "MCSM = slice of swiss cheese" XD

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