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Seeing as Walking Dead: TFS is most likely the last Telltale game launching in 2018, unless there is some kind of big surprise announcement for a game coming out soon, what does Telltale have up their sleeves for 2019? The two obvious games that have already been announced are TWAU S2 and Stranger Things. This may be all Telltale has planned for 2019, seeing as their new policy is fewer, better games, around 2-3 a year. However, could we possibly get a third Telltale game launching in 2019? If we do, there are a few likely possibilities.

  • Batman S3 - Batman: TEW ended with set-up towards a sequel, and seeing as how close the release dates between S1 E5 and S2 E1 were, we could possibly see at least the beginning of Batman S3 by the end of 2019.
  • GOTG S2 - Guardians S1 ended with a post credits scene, and Telltale probably wants to continue their partnership with Marvel, so a Guardians S2 seems very likely. The question is, could we see it begin in 2019?
  • Minecraft: Story Mode S3 - Seeing as Minecraft: SM is very popular, especially with younger audiences, and the upcoming Minecraft: Story Mode series on Netflix, it seems Telltale would want to continue the series. Personally, I don't think it will happen in 2019, but it's possible.
  • Another TWD Spin-off - It has been said that although TFS is the end of Clementine's story, it is not the end of Telltale's The Walking Dead. What does this mean? Most likely another spin-off, akin to Michonne. Will it launch in 2019? I doubt it, as Telltale will probably wanna let some time pass between TFS and another spin-off. It's a possibility, but I find it unlikely.

Now, here's what it definitely won't be.

  • Tales from the Borderlands S2 - Personally, I thought TFTB was a good standalone story, but seeing as it was so popular and fans are begging for S2, it wouldn't be shocking if it happened. However, Telltale would most likely want to wait until Borderlands 3 comes out, which currently has no release date. Once that comes out, S2 will seem much more likely.
  • Game of Thrones S2 - It has already been stated that production on GOT has been put on hold until the end of the television series. Seeing as the series ends in 2019, I could see a 2020-2021 release date. However, rushing it in after the show ends just seems like a recipe for disaster, and I doubt Telltale would make that mistake.

What do I think the third Telltale game could be? Personally, I feel the most likely choice would be Batman S3, seeing as Telltale is already releasing TWAU S2 in 2019, and TWAU is based on a Vertigo comic, and Vertigo is owned by DC. Also, there was only an eight month wait between the end of S1 and the beginning of S2, and if they follow that pattern, I could see it coming in 2019, although I predict there will be a longer wait between Batman S2 and 3 than there was S1 and 2. The second most likely choice is GOTG, as another comic themed game would make sense, and it will have already been over a year since S1's ending at the beginning of 2019. What do you think the third Telltale game of 2019 could be? Do you think we may only get the already announced two games?



  • Game of Thrones... damn it, just make Game of Thrones! Fans have been more than patients and to hear nothing since it's announcement for years straight.

  • Game of Thrones S2 is (Late 2019) bound to happen along with Batman S3.

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    I think telltale will just be focusing on two games a year, but it is possible they release something smaller (like the Minecraft Netflix thing)

    The only other thing I kinda hope telltale releases next year is wolf among us s1 for Netflix ahead of season 2. This would be a great way to market season 2 and future telltale titles for that matter.

  • I really hope they just stick to two games at maximum. I don't want them to stretch themselves thin again by working on too many projects.

    ... But if there were a third game then either Batman S3 or GoT S2 pls.

  • I think GOT S2 is bound to happen, but seeing as they explicitly said they were waiting on the television series to end to see how the story goes, they can't be that far in development if they are waiting to see how the show ends and how their game will go beyond that. I feel like GOT will happen around 2020-2021. But 2019? Doubt it. I wouldn't be shocked if Telltale only released two games, but if they do release three, Batman is definitely the most likely choice.

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    GOTG 2

    Heh, no. I wish it would happen, but we all know it won’t. GOTG s1 was telltales worst selling game since the pre-TWD days

  • Yeah, Batman is most likely the next game after Stranger Things and TWAU.

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    GOTG 2 Heh, no. I wish it would happen, but we all know it won’t. GOTG s1 was telltales worst selling game since the pre-TWD days

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    Only The Wolf Among Us and Stranger Things, I guess.
    I honest think If Telltale releases more than two game a year they will bankrupt. They have to show to the general audience they are focusing on quality and also focus on marketing. Their last 3 games sold really bad as we already know.
    And there is no possibility of a Gotg S2, the game sold really bad and not many people care about it.

  • I don't see Telltale making more games in 2019 since Stranger Things and TWAU S2 are supposed to be running on the new engine and I guess they'd need some time to implement that and get used to it in.

    As for the years to come, I very much doubt they'll be making another GotG game, even though the post-credit scene hinted at a possible sequel. The sales were pretty terrible. And after so much time, I wouldn't be surprised of GoT S2 was secretly cancelled. Batman S3 would be dope though.

  • I would like to see a GOTG Season 2 as well, unfortunately I am starting to believe that it will never happen due to story line problems. I'm not sure about a MCSM Season 3, the first Season got 8 Episodes and continued on with a second Season so I think that will be taking a bit of a bit of a break. Same with TWD, I think that might take a break to, it's one of Telltale's first ever big games and now that Telltale has acquired the rights to so many other franchises they will most likely take a break from TWD. I don't see why GOT Season 2 can't happen, the TV Show is ending pretty soon and the Directors are going over to Star Wars! YAY! so another Season of the game is likely. I personally would love to see a BTTF Season 2 because it's one of my all time favorites and my first Telltale game.

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