Dear Telltale, there is still a demand for low-budget/experimental games

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Lots of us, myself included, wish that Telltale would still make non-episodic experimental games like Puzzle Agent and Poker Night.

Telltale could easily get a small team to make experimental games for cheap while not taking up too much time and resources, and they would help hold us over until the bigger episodic releases.

TLDR: Telltale please make Poker Night 3, you have so many good IP to work with.



  • Yes.


    Poker Night 3.

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    Poker Night 3 with Drax, Bigby, Larry, and Jack. (mcsm Jack, not that insecure beta from TWAU)

    You heard it here first, folks.

    AChicken posted: »

    Yes. Please. Poker Night 3.

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