Bring Minecraft Story Mode S2 for Wii U, Switch and possibly S1 for the "New" Nintendo 3DS

Hi! I have a very nice suggestion here. Wouldn't it be cool to add Wii U and Switch to the MCSM S2 platforms? This is the one I am waiting for (if there is). The "New" Nintendo 3DS. Wouldn't it be cool? I mean, even better if in the Normal Nintendo 3DS.


  • Yes. I mean, S2 has been out for a pretty decent amount of time. No reason why they shouldn't put it on Wii U or Switch. It's unlikely that it will be on Wii U, but still. and also, you can watch the first MCSM trailer in Nintendo Eshop. Shouldn't you be able to play it on 3DS/2DS? You can already play Minecraft on 3DS/2DS. Adding Minecraft Story Mode to 3DS/2DS as well might actually be pretty cool.

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