Game changed my sentinel

Yeah so basically i chose duncan as my sentinel in ep 1 but i am in episode 3 now and apparently he wasnt there when ramsay arrived and royland is my sentinel. I am so frustrated because i've already put like 4 or 5 hours into the game and it even care about my choices. The issue i think might be that after i finish an episode it says continue the episode i have just finished instead of pointing me to start the next one but when i click continue it just loads latest autosave and the same thing happens. If you have an idea how to fix this it would be much appreciated.


  • Ramsay doesn’t make an appearance in episode 3....I think you are referring to when Gryff first arrives at Ironrath. Royland appears at Rodriks’ side because Duncan was at the wall meeting with Gared at the time.

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