A Coat of Honor [Cancelled]

Hey guys, and welcome to A Coat of Honor. The unofficial A Song of Ice and Fire prequel. In this interactive book we will be discovering the truth of the events behind Robert's Rebellion from the eyes of some names we have heard before and some that we haven't. My goal is that this book, upon its completion, can sit right behind A Game of Thrones on the shelf.

So, the majority of A Coat of Honor will take place in Westeros (though if you want to make a character from Essos or anywhere else in the Known World you can.) The book will start all the way from the beginning with the tourney at Harrenhal to the eventual fall of the Mad King and House Targaryen. Some characters might be more difficult to work into the story than others, so take that into consideration when planning. For instance, there most likely won't be much to do at The Wall. Also, as an extra rule, there won't be any characters who conflict with existing lineages, unless you have a good reason for them never being brought up.

Robert's Rebellion was an event that took place 15 years before the events of A Song of Ice and Fire, between the rebels and the Targaryen royalists. The houses on the side of the rebels include Houses Stark, Baratheon, Tully and Arryn. The houses on the side of the crown include Houses Targaryen, Tyrell, and Martell. House Lannister is neutral in the conflict.

So, enter this link to sign on and input your character! (Feel free to submit more than one) Winter is Coming!

A Coat of Honor Character Submission

Edit: This is cancelled due to a lack of interest. Everybody can check out my ongoing Hunger Games story, though!



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