Aquaman Trailer


  • Beat me to it! I was just about to post this!

    This is looking much better than I expected. I may go see it.

  • These cgi sharks. Best of Sharknado. And Black Panther vibes. Oh, it will suck.

  • The trailer looks great, I think they should've made this movie alongside other Justice League member origin movies before Justice League released so that you could get a much better understanding of all of these characters. All that aside, this movie looks like it's going to a solid Action film just like Wonder Woman, the battle towards the end of the trailer is just awesome to look at, it's colorful, it's full on and really fits the tone of an underwater war. I'm excited to see how Arthur discovers his powers and goes all the way from this defenseless little kid to the Aquaman that we all know and love. The Shazam trailer on the other hand, that's another story.

  • ^ Agreed on these movies before Justice League, wish they would have taken their time instead of rushing to catch up with Marvel. Speaking of, that one liner in the submarine, so much cringe.

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