Possible Wolf Among Us 2 Images (leak) [Mod Edit: Not a legitimate/real leak]



  • Looks like those short years or month and a lot of cigarettes haven’t been kind to Bigby. That or he is wearing a poor glamour of him.

  • Oh come on, we know Adam Harrington is awesome but you shouldn't have mo-caped his face.

  • Yeah, I actually never cared for Chris Redfield's new look in Resident Evil 7 but this one? This is unforgivably bad.

    I normally don't care what a character looks like, but this...this is just horrible. I don't know if I even want to play the game now (if this is real).

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    What concerns me is that it doesn't hold the TWAU style we are familiar with, the lack of noir/Neon ish look. It looks VERY generic to me, not to mention what ugly tree did Bigby hit on the way down. The whole look of him just doesn't look aesthetically pleasing. It feels Telltale is trying to make every game have the same sorta style, it doesn't make it stand out. I know it's probably coming across a lil picky, but I fear that if this the style they are going with is going to be a SERIOUS turn off for a good portion of the fans, since we have been waiting and demanding for this game for so long.

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    Eh, I'm willing to bet this is an early build or version or whatever, but time will tell.

  • I guess they were trying to stay closer to the comic version... but it looks off

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    Oh come on, we know Adam Harrington is awesome but you shouldn't have mo-caped his face.

  • After some people reverse image searched on my Discord - I can confirm that these pictures were uploaded in January. They are 6 months old. If this doesn’t prove they aren’t for the final game then I don’t know what will.

  • But to be fair to these new pics of Bigby, he does seem more comic book accurate. Bigby wasn’t really handsome in the comics.

  • Its like Hank from detroit become human

    if this is legit I won't buy the game.YES JUST BECAUSE OF THIS FUCKING MODEL.

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    I really hope this is just fake news.God.....

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    I think there are three possibilities what these screenshots are.

    First: They are legit but some sort of early prototype/testing stuff for unity. They used a kind of throw-away model for bigby with the same clothes he wears in season one but a different, probably placeholder, face.

    Second: This might very well be wrong, but it could, since it comes from the same dev who made the TWD Collection, be some sort of remaster of Wolf S1. That would explain his exact same outfit, but not the bar which looks like a completely different bar. The only thing that looks odd is his hair, which kind of looks like they just used his S1 hair-model from the Telltale Tool into their Unity build without adjusting anything.

    Third: it's not from the real game, but from an older, rejected version of S2 running on their old engine instead of unity. I heard news of Wolf 2 being in development hell for some time which increases the possibility of a version running on the Telltale Tool. That could explain, why they just posted it on their webside, because it isn't actually used. Just like how artists put many of their work for unreleased games online.

    Also keep in mind that Wolf 2 is scheduled to come out in 2019, probably even in the later half of the year, which means there are still over 12 months left. It wouldn't surprise me if they haven't even started full production yet.

  • Worst than kenny and jane season 3

  • These images are not fake, they come straight from an outsourced company that Telltale have worked with in the past. Should be noted that they delayed Wolf from this year to the next. I'm gonna guess that part of the delay were the contents of these images and how unfitting the artstyle is to TWAU. We'll have to wait until we get more news I suppose.

  • IF this is new work from telltale then I hope this game goes for at least 2 more years of work.....

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    These images are not fake, they come straight from an outsourced company that Telltale have worked with in the past. Should be noted that t

  • Put That Thing Back Where It Came From or So Help Me

  • Even if they change the model of Bigby, the general art direction and graphics style are still out of place and completely wrong. Telltale, you shouldn't try to make every single franchise the same, you used to give each game it's own style and flavor and that's what made you one of the better story themed companies out there. This looks way too generic and makes me not want to play S2 at all, regardless of how you fix up Bigby's model.

  • Good god, he looks like his face was beaten to mush and then plastered up by a blind plastic surgeon. That is fucking UGLY!
    I'm genuinely scared now what best girl Snow will look like...

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    The image set got posted onto tumblr and has over 1,000 notes. I don't think Telltale is going to work with funlabs anymore after this shit show...Their fault for posting these public.

  • To be fair its entirely possible this is just an early model for demo purposes. I'm gonna wait to see the final product before getting up in arms.

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    A lot of sites have already posted about this. Well Telltale is kinda fucked with the general public now...

  • Damm, can Telltale not do anything right anymore? WTF is this face? They butchered Bigby completely

  • Guys don't worry, that's not our boy Bigby. It's a new character called Bugbo Wilf.

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    Hey all, not sure what these are but they are not from our game.

  • UPDATE: Well, fans, looks like those Wolf Among Us screens aren't real after all.

    Telltale's Scott Butterworth reached out to us today and noted the following: "I want to clarify: that image definitely did not come from us. It is not a leak, nor a reveal. It's most likely something a fan created."

    It's fake apparently.

  • Welp, thanks for wasting my time, stupid me.

  • Best news of all time

  • Thanks for the clarification. Keep up the good work on Wolf 2!

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    Hey all, not sure what these are but they are not from our game.

  • Hahaha! Unnecessary sequels. You asked for it.

    Bigby, lay off fattening food! Did you eat Colin?! Your breasts are as big as Snow's!

  • I can sense people are letting out a collective sigh of relief after the clarification from Telltale. :D

  • went through so many emotions uh...

  • He looks like garbage in the comics?

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    hmmm now he looks more like the comic bigby hnngnnnnnn

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    He looks like garbage in the comics?

  • @blindsniper Can we now brand this version of Bigby as "Biggo the Wolf" ?

  • Fake news, stop hiding sexy Bigby!

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  • Well that's good news. I don't know to update the title so a mod should probably do that. That said, it was on the site of an outsourced company that Telltale has used in the past. Very odd to see something resembling The Wolf Among Us on their gallery like that but fair enough.

  • Fucking Drama Queens.

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    I can sleep with a clear head now....thank god.

  • I am a bit late to the party but a couple of people shared this with me but I didn’t feel the urge to comment as I thought that if I said it is fake or something that I would get called out for defending Telltale. Call me a fanboy or whatever all you like but I knew that they weren’t real and I didn’t think Telltale would make such a dramatic and strange change to the style of Wolf Among Us. Not saying that the person who shared this deliberately posted it to make Telltale look bad as they were only sharing news and updates. Nothing else. I can’t and won’t blame them. But I was iffy on this as I chose to wait until Telltale confirmed it or denied it. But I am glad that this is all settled :smile:

  • Amen, and the theories keep turning so they can blame someone rather than just move on.

    Fucking Drama Queens.

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