Total Dramarama (AKA total Drama Daycare)

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So Cartoon let us see the first episode of Total Dramarama recently, and I'm wondering if anyone checked it out and what they thought of it.
Personally, I enjoyed it. After Ridonculous Race I figured that was going to be the end and we weren't gonna see any TD content every again, so I'll take what I can get. The jokes were funny and it was great to see the original cast again after so long. Wasnt super story based but that's the Cartoon Network formula at this point. Disappointed with a lot of the casting changes (Gwen sounds awful) but they're still written well enough to seem like the baby version of the character they are
Anyway, what did y'all think?



  • Also forget to mention: I LOVE the fact that they still maintained that edgy humor that made the original so great. The scene between Chef and Noah was priceless

  • I liked Gwen she is fun and can still be developed in the upcoming episodes I guess. Heather should have been in this, really, part of the cast seems off so far. The episode was rushed but some characters like Izzy and Owen were fun.
    A normal series would have been way better but unfortunately I don’t think it will happen anymore.

  • How does that work exactly? Did they get turned into little kids?

  • i like it. people are too harsh on the cutesy fun saturday morning reboots of cartoon network shows. yes the original will always be better but the reboots have never tried to be the original. they stand on their own because they are their own thing. not the PPG reboot though because that was written by a pedophile so yikes.

  • Basically, and they're all staying at a daycare run by Chef Hatchet and that's pretty much the plot

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    How does that work exactly? Did they get turned into little kids?

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