Season 1: Allow both appearance changes! (eye and ear)

I understand it was meant as a sacrifice scene, but am I the only person who wants both events to transpire?

Of course, the ear could of course do with a less silly appearance (even if added to later seasons, since he could get it somewhat fixed (less of a round hole, more of a chunk blown off...).

I imagine if we were doing a story builder like with the final season of Walking Dead, while we'd want to select what he did story-wise, we'd also love to decide on cosmetics independent of that (saved Harvey for conversation references, but somehow his face got burnt between episodes, saved Alfred but he tripped and lost an eye, didn't save Alfred but a woman bit a chunk of ear off...).


  • Since you gave that example, I would like to point how Harvey descent to insanity it's actually better written if he ISN'T scarred. I always found quite dissappointing that you basically have to choose between him having his iconic look but without any context to his sickness, and getting better dialogues but at the cost of losing the Two Face apperance.

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