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Hello guys I am new here now that I finished the second game I felt like sharing my experiences and opinions about it i like to start of by saying I play games like this in a way that I would do the same choices my self like I did the game I saw this game pass by on a site and I was like cool I’m getting more in to batman so why not I played the walking dead before but I am not a fan of that series and I was pretty young so I didn’t understand the story lines I would like to say the best thing about the games are making your own choices doing what you pleas your self the game isn’t holding your hand and I love that the mind f*cks I got from this game where just amazing when season 1 episode 1 ended the last scenes where just sending chills tru my spine the music the disappointment in Batman’s voice the music gosh the music is so great and Alfred just standing there when that was over I wanted to player more asap Like I said I played the game going for the choices I would if I where in Batman’s shoes i want to go in to season 2 more because I just finished it ever since I met joker I knew he would end up in trouble I trusted him all the way untill u and iman? Sorry if I forgot the name go into the office since then we where never close again I really had great times with him I felt a great connection with him and I saw him as a friend but the things he did where unacceptable as playing Bruce he still helped me out in the end while he didn’t had too about cat woman I never trusted her my gut told me she would just leave because I am used to it my self I just did what I thought was right I did sleep with her but that wasn’t what I really wanted about Tiffany I told her I would train her I know how it feels like to want revenge I would approve my self but playing as Batman you can’t just let some one like that walk loose so I took her I and about the ending with joker at the table I told him to stop Quinn wich he did the end battle was just epic the music the adrenaline rush I got was just amazing but the best part was when u are outside with him when u fight with him when u are on top of him and beat him I did once and then just stoped because how can I hurt some one I had a great time with I told him that then he stabbed me best scene in years just laying next to him while ur bleeding out that just sticks in your mind about the “real ending” I stayed with Alfred leaving the role as Batman Alfred is the only true family I had in this game he risks his life for me he helped me with anything and family comes first no matter what so Gotham needs to continue with out batman

Here by I also want to thank every one that worked on this it’s reall a art what you guys created here I hope to see way more of Batman

Ps I hope this isn’t boring or annoying to you guys


  • It's a bit messy what you wrote... It's hard to keep up with what you are talking about.

  • I am not a writer and my English isn’t the best haha so my apologies

    19Street95 posted: »

    It's a bit messy what you wrote... It's hard to keep up with what you are talking about.

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