Choices not recorded on site.

Hey , I just recently played Guardians of the Galaxy and I can see all my choices recorded on site. I started playing Tales from the Borderlands but when I go into the site to see my choices there is nothing but 1 choice there , and even that is one that I didn't make. I remember playing the game for a little while long time ago (On an old Laptop that broke), never finished it, I don't think I went over the first Episode.

Currently I am Episode 4, I can see my choices in-game but I cannot see them on site.
I will add some pictures for clarifications.

In-game Choices:

Site Choices: (Even the one there, I don't remember me making.)


I really want this fixed, I want to keep record of all my choices.

I tried unlinking and linking back, I tried using other browsers, deleting cache, cookies, everything, no luck at all.
I've seen in this topic that some other dudes had the same problem as me and staff was able to fix.

BTW, playing on Steam.

Thank you!


  • Thought I should mention that when I played the game for the first time it was on another Laptop that broke long time ago.

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