Idea: Different Opening Episode for Season 3...

...based on your decision to either give up Alfred or Batman, alongside possibly whether Joker was a villain or vigilante at the end of Season 2 and your treatment of Tiffany.

In the former Bruce has effectively abandoned his civilian persona and is far more reclusive to Gotham, with a more determined but possibly brutal Batman on the streets. In the latter Batman has mysteriously disappeared but Bruce is more active than ever in helping Gotham.

Events transpire to the point that both Batman and Bruce are needed again by Episode 2, but Bruce must spend the whole season reminding himself what it is to be the part he left behind.


  • Sure, they could probably do that but I think they will "shorten" it down and not make two different episodes regarding your final choices from last season. (Just like they did in season 2 episode 4, with two different intros)

    It's smart to get Telltales story going as fast as possible and not drag it out in two different episodes regarding some final decisions from last season.

    I don't dislike the idea in any way but I would prefer if we get like a 20minutes "recap" perhaps? and then the storylines blend back together to one with some new kind of twist/threat in Gotham.

  • I just hope they don't try to guilt trip those who decided to remain as Batman (myself included) as if it was the wrong choice or something.

  • I don't think they will guilt trip that choice at all... it will for sure matter how the start of the episode will play out after all you had to pick between two bad choices... IF they will try to make us feel bad about it then it will be for both of the choices.

    I just hope they don't try to guilt trip those who decided to remain as Batman (myself included) as if it was the wrong choice or something.

  • You could easily say both situations have negative aspects, with crime higher due to Batman’s absence, despite perhaps Bruce sinking more money into the GCPD and Tiffany operating if you choose to train her (or working as more of a anti-hero if you didn’t trust her).

    I just hope they don't try to guilt trip those who decided to remain as Batman (myself included) as if it was the wrong choice or something.

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    Depending on the choices at the end of Season 2 if you choose to stay or give up as Batman

    As Batman:

    Batman would stop a crime taking place in the city involving a gang of theives as one of them shot an innocent civilian. Batman disarms them (with the help from Tiffany), but one of the criminals escape. Batman chases and captures the criminal. Only to see it was a young man in his late teens afraid as he was just stealing after he lost his job and needed the money to help his family. You'd be given two options: Either take him in to the cops and he goes to jail, or let him go and tells him to change for the better

    Jailed criminal would either join a gang to get revenge on Batman, or released criminal tries to find work and as Bruce Wayne you could hire him to work at Wayne Enterprise

    Bruce Wayne then returns to Wayne Enterprise (with Avesta for possible partner and optional romance). You've gotten a sizable profit from your company and you've got options for 3 project. Either one of them would affect how the people of Gotham would see you and each would have a specific specs to a later episode

    As Bruce Wayne:

    You pretty much do whatever since Bruce invest alot of money to help people, but there would be problems that he'll encounter later on because of Batman not appearing. Allowing a villain to easily rise from under him

  • They don´t really need to create two different episodes. Half of the first one would be enough to account for the differences, most scenes could be the same, but with different dialogue.

  • If you did choose to give up Batman. I hope the first episode explores even though Bruce is providing his wealth and resources to help Gotham, he is struggling to keep his promise to Alfred. This could be shown through when a group of criminals attack him.

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