An Appeal To The Staff Of Telltale Games

First Of All, I Want To Thank Telltale Team From The Bottom Of My Heart For This Awesome Game Called Tales from the Borderlands.
The entire story of Tales from the Borderlands was funny and had massive power to draw one in, keeping everybody on the edge of their seat. TFTB was originally not as commercially successful as the company had hoped but over the years TFTB has gotten a massive fan following. Not to mention that critics totally loved it and TFTB even won game awards (see Wikipedia). TFTB was a very unique experience and I'd love to see Telltale developers create a new season. I believe that if TFTB Season 2 is created by the Telltale team in the future (with a wonderful story just like that of season 1) then TFTB 2 would be a huge success and a commercial hit. There is absolutely no Time pressure and the team could work on season 2 whenever they feel ready. TWAU is getting a new season after 5 years from the original. In the same way, TFTB surely deserves a comeback. Rhys and Fiona are just way too AWESOME to be forgotten in one season. I hope the Telltale team realizes this someday and creates the same kind of magic again.


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