Impropper rules?

Ok I noticed this;
If the 5 cards on the table are a flush or a straight and none of the players have cards that would make the flush or straight any better, its a split pot.

This can't be right, can it?
It means that if there is a royal flush on the table, its a guaranteed split pot. and you can blindly go all-in.

Making a combination count that requires zero cards from your hand strikes me as a odd and unhelpful rule.


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    AFAIK that's the way it is (at least it's the way we play). The highest combination counts, so if the highest possible combination is on the table, it's a split pot. There's no special rule for this case... which isn't really a problem, since it a) occurs very, very rarely and b) all players will naturally go all in, so that (aside from the blinds) the game is right back where it started.

    In the case of a straight on the table you'd still want to play it out though, since one player might have a card that extends the straight upwards, so in that case there's really no need for a special rule at all. The round may still be interesting.
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    A straight that starts with an Ace on the table can have the same problem.

    Yeah I know, there are many variations of the rules.
    Anyway, all the IRL games I have played here (Netherlands) were always with the 3+2 rule. This means you can only use 3 cards from the table to make your combination. For a straight or a flush, both cards in your hand need to fit into the combination.

    I can understand you allow 4+1, but 5+0 is just very odd to me...
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    hansschmucker is right.
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