Game of Thrones Spin-off series?

Id like to see a mini series from the perspective of Arya Starks journey in Bravos training with the faceless men. Would this be interesting? What ideas for a spin-off do you guys have that could be a reawakening for Game of Thrones?


  • Ah similar to a Michonne miniseries for the walking dead. Hmm, I’d quite like to see perhaps a Dunk and Egg series. I think with the Books, Show and Telltale series all set in the same timeline, it would be very interesting to see something a bit older from a different time. I think the style of Dunk and Egg books lend themselves very well to a Michonne-esque story.

  • Like a Telltale spin off? That depends on if they'd do a story around a character from the books/show or one of their original characters. They could show how House Branfield fell, Malcolm's adventures as a Hedge Knight, how Gregor came upon the North Grove, or even how Gerhard the Tall founded House Forrester. My personal favorite would be how the Forrester/Whitehill conflict began as Gwyn mentions once that they're Houses used to be close once.

    Of course we'd have to wait and hope for Telltale to remember Game of Thrones' existence before anything like that would happen. I honestly question if they even look at this side of the forums anymore.

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