Lady Arkham and ******* Weren't Acting Alone (Spoiler warning)

I don't know about you, but I feel that there's something fishy about Vicki Vale/Lady Arkham's abilities, and Tiffany's actions in the first two episodes of The Enemy Within.

  1. Where did Lady Arkham learn to fight like that.
  2. Where did Lady Arkham get the technology for her boots and staff. And don't assume that they're Wayne Tech.
  3. Did Vicki know about the catacombs before, or after Thomas Wayne murdered her biological parents?
  4. How did Tiffany know where to find the Riddler?
  5. How did Tiffany get into the R&D lab without moving the chess pieces? And I doubt that it's the same way Penguin did.
  6. Where did Tiffany get the resources for the toxin that killed Riddler? And yes, I know she's an expert at chemistry.

Three strikes for each of those characters. Don't you agree with my suspicions?


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