The Walking Dead: Another Frontier

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I'm considering writing up a Forum Game Parody of ANF (no, I do not intend to rag on the story or anything like that; this is basically interactive fanfiction). Currently in the process of stringing together the general plot, but it would help to have some inclusions to throw around from the get-go.

Character Creation:

No guarantees, but I'll endeavor to stay in touch with the community to ensure that the proceedings run smoothly. This is all experimental, so whether I'll even be able to pull this off is still up in the air. The idea would be to start out with the typical characters seen in-game, but then derail the plot and put them in new situations with new characters, creating an entirely differing story in the process (choices to spin the tale one way or another will accrue, as appropriate to the Forum Game genre).

That being said, there may be some spoilers for the beginning of The Walking Dead: A New Frontier included in this, so consider yourself warned!

I'll wait just a little bit to see if this acquires any interest, and then at least get through the introduction before making any final decisions.

Thanks for reading!

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