New Concepts You'd Like To See Implemented In Future Telltale Games

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Just as the title suggests, what, if any, new concepts or elements would you like to see in newer games? For instance, the improved combat system was implemented in TWD: TFS, an expanded relationship system with side characters in Batman 2, etc. I'll start it off with a few I can think of; not saying all of these are necessarily good or practical, or should or must be implemented, but just a thread for brainstorming ideas you think would be cool to see in new titles, or future episodes of current titles.

-Morality points. Where appropriate, certain actions will make your character lean a certain way; i.e. Good/Evil, Brutal/Compassionate, Loyal/Pragmatic, etc. These would be reflected and shown at the end of each episode, which would make certain interactions or dialogue options with certain characters conditional, or would significantly change out dialogue options. While this already somewhat exists in their games, especially the newer ones with the relationship system added in Batman 2, this would be more explicit.

-Ability to be blatantly evil. While you do get to pick morally grey and dark options in most of their games some of the time, you are generally railroaded into ultimately being a good guy, albeit either a purer good guy or a flawed one. The most notable example I can think of is in The Wolf Among Us, which while you can be more like the Big Bad Wolf, or more like Bigby, you ultimately end up as a hero, whether it be more a noble one or closer to an anti-hero.

-Ability to be a man or woman protagonist, or character customization. With the somewhat exception of Tales from the Borderlands, where you are both a male and a female protagonist, and you get some opportunities to customize their looks, I feel this could be expanded upon, where you can develop a more personal connection to the protagonist via customization.

-Semi-Open World. For each episode, there would be some type of map in which the character can visit a number of places in any order at any time. Perhaps the character needs to go to each place to complete a certain interaction or activity to progress the story along. This was offered a couple of times in Wolf Among Us, and showed itself in the fourth episode of Walking Dead Season 1 and Walking Dead Season 2, where the protagonist had to go to certain areas to complete certain interactions

-Chapters/Acts in the game, instead of episodes. Rather than releasing all of the episodes 2-3 months apart each, develop the full game over the course of a year or so, and divide up the main story into 5 distinct acts, which could be subdivided into chapters if necessary. The overall game could still be a similar length, while not feeling rushed to finish episodes that could still be full of bugs.


  • Please no morality points. That would literally just dumb down the dialogue system they already have.

  • Yeah morality points suck and it was a major problem with games like Fallout 3.
    Obviously I would like their games to continue this upward trend of choices having more impact.
    I also would like to see more hub areas where we can walk around and talk to people, and can go in different rooms and stuff.
    Finally he last two things are I would like more collectibles, and i miss PUZZLES man. Like they haven’t given us a good puzzle in such a long time, and honestly I miss them.

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