League of Assassins would be perfect for Season 3

My thoughts on what could happen in Season 3
*I feel like the Telltale writers would really do Ra's Al Ghul justice in their universe
*The League of Assassins would provide a physical and mental threat to Bruce Wayne
*Telltale could bring in Deathstroke
*Iman Avesta can be the Telltale version of Talia Al Ghul, giving the character a more sympathetic story
*John Doe and Tiffany could be allies or foes based off player choice
*Returning Villains like Penguin or new ones like Sacrecrow could work with the league
*Catwoman and Avesta could be a love triangle done right, if players wanted to pursue it
*Events would cause Bruce to take up Batman again, or is still Batman based off player choice
*I imagine there will be a time skip again
*Idk if the Agency would appear or not


  • Half of these have nothing to do with the League of Assassins.

  • But I agree. The League of Asassians and Ra's Al Ghul would be perfect for season 3. Ra's would make a great and very challenging villain for Bruce/Batman to face. It could be on another whole level for him.

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