Catwoman DLC set before Season 3

This is just an idea I had in my head and wanted to see how everyone feels about it.
So pretty much the idea is that TellTale could let players get a feel for how Season 3 will play before Season 3 is released. Yes I know that season 3 was not confirmed or anything like that, it's just an idea. :smile: Playing as Catwoman would be best because for people who chose for Bruce to give up Batman it can show Gotham City being more chaotic without Batman. For people who chose to give up Alfred it can show Batman having a harder time staying focused while fighting criminals. Now Catwoman's role in this episode would be to set up her role in the next Season as either a hero, a thief, or something in the middle and the choices would impact Catwoman's dialogue and behavior in Season 3 based on the choices you make. This is just some small idea that I thought would be cool for TellTale to make, let me know what you guys think about it do you like or hate this idea or perhaps you have a better idea. :smiley:


  • I would love it, Selina is for sure my favorite character.

    Now to the bad news:
    I doubt we will get any DLC before season three... but I really like your idea @GreatWhiteWolf1

    Maybe if we could get like a "recap" for each main character before the season starts... I would guess we will get a time skip for season three, so we'll see what the characters were doing during this time... so let's say we would get to play as Catwoman a bit, then we get to play as John in Arkham, Gordon as a retired cop and so on... I think it would allow all of the player base to be happy since we all know everybody is not a fan of Selina only... same thing with John or Gordon also...

    But it would be awesome to get it, or something like it! :)

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