Do you guys realise this is the last Telltale game?

If the rumors about TWD FS being canned are true, then The Enemy Within is the last full game made by the studio, since a couple of episodes aren´t exactly what I would call a finished job.

It´s crazy, don´t you think? Who would have thought that this Batman sequel would be the last one? I still remember when we were all talking about the last episodes and what would happen with the Joker and the other characters.

The good part, if there´s one, it´s at that least, Telltale´s last job was brilliant. Batman TEW it´s one of their best games, and the best one when it comes to choices and player agency to change the plot. It´s good that they ended their long travel with this story, instead of something like ANF. We got this small jewel before they finally fell apart... I am really glad they could manage to make this series happen and give us a sequel. Even if we don´t get a trilogy, both seasons are one unified story for me, and one of the best when it comes to Bruce Wayne and his world.


  • I really believe that the idea from Telltale was to make at least one more season... It would have been great to see one more season but I am really happy I got to play through season one and two. They were amazing <3

    It's been quite a ride and I might not be super happy about the "ending" but it could be a lot worse!

    Take care out there everyone, I suppose soon all of this will be forgotten...

  • You know, I haven't really thought about it that much yet. That's pretty depressing, isn't it? While playing Enemy Within, I'd never even imagine that that would be the last finished Telltale game.

    Still glad it ended up finished. What a great game, both seasons.

  • I hope it’s not they need to get their stuff together.. I need a season 3 we all need a season 3.... the story can’t end like this !!! We all need to stand together on this one we can’t just let this go.. it’s a masterpiece what they did with Batman and I’ll be dammned if we don’t get a season 3

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