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With Telltale filing for bankruptcy this makes me worried about the status of the games I purchased from them in the past. Considering the reality that games sold on digital storefronts have a habit of disappearing forever once the licence expires, I feel even more anxious to back up the games I bought.

From what I've seen in my own research it looks like if you link your Telltale account to your Steam account the games you bought on Telltale Games will not transfer over to Steam. This is especially frustrating since I bought Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures back when the game was still available for purchase, and now the game no longer exists. Thankfully I bought the DVD that came with purchasing the whole season way back when (thank you past me), so I am able to re-download the games that way, but this still raises the question of what will happen to those of us, myself included, who bought their games from the Telltale storefront and are now uncertain of what will happen to all the games they bought.

I already assume the answer is going to be "We can't help, sorry", but I figured it was worth asking.


  • I'm echoing Harukuro. I have a handful of games I only have access to here, and I'm hoping to at least be given Steam keys to get them back, since I can't afford them at full price and worry they'll go before a GOG or Steam sale rolls around.

    Can anyone help? I realise how difficult this is, considering.

  • Getting Steam or gog keys is a nice idea unless Telltale has someone to keep the lights on for the foreseeable future. One last lonely employee who sits at a desk in a basement pushing a button every 108 minutes.

  • I'm on the same boat. :'(

    I bought all of Telltale's games, up until the first Walking Dead, directly at their store (and bought the season DVD "upgrades" that were made available). After the mess that happened with the The Walking Dead launch (the launch was delayed for technical issues, and they ended up giving a Steam key to those who pre-ordered the game from the Telltale store), I started buying them on Steam as they launched, and slowly re-bough the older games on the platform, for convenience.

    But I was never able to get Wallace and Gromit before it was removed. I have all their games that were released on Steam (including removed games like CSI Hard Evidence, Law and Order: Legacies, and Poker Night at the Inventory 2), except Wallace and Gromit.

    And now, with my new PC not having a DVD drive (so, my DVD of the full season is useless), and with Telltale's website coming down sooner or later, all I have is the 4 episode downloads I have on my hard drive. If something happens to it, I won't be able to re-download, and re-play the game.

    I wish they had offered Steam keys for their store purchases. If they were able to supply them for Humble bundles, and for online stores (at least for most of their games), they surely could have supplied them to their customers who supported them by buying directly.

    One of the other reasons I started buying the games on Steam, outside of the launch issues I described above with the The Walking Dead launch, is that I feared losing access to my games is something happened to Telltale.
    Sadly, this has came to be. :(

  • If you email you get this message. I think they laid off all the customer service guys and support is closed for good. I know it sucks, but don't hold your breath. 25 people can't issue Steam keys for everybody while managing a company liquidation at the same time.

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    Yeah, I tried emailing them yesterday about this, when the news started surfacing, and got the same message.

    You know, I recently bought a game from Frontier Developments at their store, and instead of getting a Steam key, by connecting my account on their store with my Steam account, it automatically added the game to my Steam account.
    I doubt it will happen, but maybe something like this could be done, in regards to Telltale games? I'm sure if they talked with Valve (and GOG), something could me done. But, I doubt it's a priority at this stage.

    If you email you get this message. I think they laid off all the customer service guys and support is closed for good.

  • I would download all of your games, just to be safe.

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