Help Archive all of telltale history.

Sooooo yesterday i talked to @InGen_Nate_Kenny and @4k60fpsHDR about setting up something to archive all of telltales history, interviews and the best moments on the forums. so if you want anything archived or want to help, leave it in a comment. even though telltale fucked us all over, we should have something with all its history. so yeah, ill update yall here unless blind nukes the forums. Also all fan created content like YouTubers, Fan art, etc etc will be included.


  • Faaaam, I need to go through my 2017 Melton comments to find some of the funniest insults if they’re still up. Ima check my old pms now

  • definitely need to include all my fake pictures that got everyone hyped and then mad lol

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    The Sporum (another forum) shut down after almost ten years of being online. We've been doing the same archiving important threads and posts. Since Telltale is going to shut down pretty soon, you should all get starting on archiving your threads/posts now.

    Things you can do:

    • Start a spreadsheet with all threads currently being archived along with their page and competition status, this is more of a master list for anybody who wants to view it in the future. This is our example. Having a view only link will help users view that Spreadsheet while people editing each line and adding threads should be trusted to have an editing link.
    • Contact the archive team.
    • Create a channel/entirely new Discord server dedicated to archiving threads and posts.
    • can archive 70 pages per user at a time until you will need to stop and wait for a period of time. There is a script to easily archive pages here: javascript:void(open(''+encodeURIComponent(document.location))) - Adding this to your bookmarks and then dragging the bookmark over the desired page will archive it for you. Alternatively you can find this script on Archive.Is page.

    If there are threads with thousands of pages, it might be best to collaborate. Have somebody do 70 pages in that one thread, then have somebody else do the next 70 pages. The best we can hope for is that Telltale keeps the forums open for an extended period of time for archiving, but seeing as bankruptcy is looming I highly doubt this to be the case.

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    Alright, here’s the PM’s that I could scrape together. Sorry in advance for bringing back bad memories, and sorry for being a fighter in the first place ? here’s to good (or bad) memories ?

    (I got a bit cheeky with that one ☝️? my bad, blind)

    (☝️ Basically DLB asked how old I was cos I said something childish in another thread, but she deleted her post ?)

    (☝️ I still can’t believe that I insulted the god of memes and lord of Rhys socks ? no hard feeling, poogs. Aaaaand oh feck, I realise that I said refuses instead of reuses. Also my bad ?)

    There’ll be plenty of more lurking around here somewhere but I’ll hunt them down. It’s been a blast... even though I’m not leaving... assuming the place stays up... good times anyway! ?

  • I love this interview- learning how much the actors enjoyed the characters that they played, and their personal investment in the story.

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