Wallace and Gromit: Anyone have a Steam key?

I know it's a long shot, but here it goes: does anyone, by any chance, have a Steam key for Wallace & Gromit (it was bundled in a Humble Bundle, before it was removed from Steam)?
I own all of Telltale's games on Steam, except Wallace & Gromit, and if anyone has an unredeemed key, I would be willing to trade a whole bunch of games for it (I have 1500+ steam keys from bundles and crowdfunding campaigns).

I actually own the game, bought directly from Telltale as soon as it was available (like I did with all their earlier games, like Bone, Sam & Max, ...), and I even got the DVD "upgrade" when the full season was completed, but my current PC has no DVD-ROM drive, and while I just re-downloaded the 4 episodes from Telltale's website, I fear if something happens to my hard drive in the future, I'll be unable to play the game. Having it on Steam, with the rest of the games, would put me at ease in regards to re-download and replay it in the future.

Again, it's a long shot, but if anyone happens to have a key, please let me know, and we can arrange a trade.


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