Why this game was the best

Hey guys, i'm currently dealing with it all, and i needed to let it out; Game of Thrones is my all time favorite game. I have waited YEARS for a sequel, and now this! It's an outrage, some people are saying, and it does look like, the higher ups just gave up without even trying, didn't even tried bankruptcy for recovery, they just shutdown... If you want to hear more about why i loved Telltale;


  • Iron From Ice!!!

  • I loved this story and made me into a bigger GOT fan. Since there will be no resolution to this story, I must regretfully purge it from my PS4 to make room for more games. Rest easy House Forrester, your rightful liege lords, House Stark have avenged you for the most part. Though I would have preferred to see House Whitehill destroyed by my very eyes. The North Remembers. Iron from Ice!

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