If you went back to 2015 and told your past self the fate of Telltale...

GoT S2 cancelled, The Wolf Among Us S2 announced and then cancelled while still in production, Minecraft Season 2 and bringing Minecraft to Netflix being their last act as a company, ANF being a train wreck, The Final Season getting high praise then getting shut down halfway through, Telltale closing down abruptly...

So yeah how do you think your past self would take it?



  • I dunno, he’d probably be more excited about the fact that they’ve made two Batman games and a Guardians of the Galaxy game.

  • I think my past self would be very angry to Telltale, just like I am now.
    It's their own fault they're going bankrupt and making the whole company die.
    Should've just continued Sam & Max, BTTF etc. and not make these stupid games like "The Walking Dead", "The Wolf Among Us". Only games I actually liked were Batman and Guardians of the Galaxy.
    Bye Telltale, I guess.

  • My younger self would still be struggling though things and not be thinking about TTG, but would likely still be devastated. After all, TTG was my dream company to work at.

  • i think my young self will make a youtube channel talks about about the games of telltale and how the company is about to end with giving a date to her fall as a prediction videos and when it actually hppens I am going to be famous as the person who predicted the end of telltale.

  • "Was Season 3 of The Walking Dead decent?"
    "They keep the forums or...?"

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